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Considering the behavior of society : Sociology & Marketing [en]

In today’s feature, we’re going to explain the deeper thought that goes into our digital marketing. In other words…


Social Science & SEO: Psychology, Sociology, and Linguistics

At ShineRank, these three studies consistently have an influence on the way we approach and perform our SEO campaigns, Pay Per Click marketing and even Link Building.

They each have a unique connection to vital areas of SEO, and we’ve found that incorporating these studies into how we think has produced massive benefits for both ourselves and our clients.

Sociology and Trends

When we think about the behavior of the mind in our search campaigns, it makes sense to also consider the behavior of society.  This is where sociology comes in – identifying social trends, considering your target audience and creating trust in the user are all important aspects of SEO that stem from Sociology.

For example, when marketing content over social media or producing news content, we must constantly consider the current trends both inside and outside of the SEO world. Understanding how society thinks and predicting what might be relevant soon is a key sociological skill to have in this area.

To give another example of where we might use in SEO, part of the job also involves creating trust.

In making sure that the on-page experience is trustworthy, we have to examine what makes people trust websites and cater to our key demographic’s collective idea of trust.

There are many further examples of how we might use sociological skills in our work, and these are just a few of the key ways that it affects us daily.

Linguistics and Communication

If I had to come up with a science linked to SEO on the spot, I would probably mention linguistics. This is because so much of SEO involves studying words and the meaning of them and so it is hard to deny the association.

When we do keyword research, we are involved in a very pure form of linguistics. In looking for the top keywords, you have to think very scientifically about the meaning and intent behind them. You have to examine words in thorough detail and choose them sparingly. Without this methodology, you will only ever find mediocre keywords for your campaigns.

Equally, in producing written content for both ShineRank and our clients, there is clearly a level of linguistic skill required. Getting the words correctly is the most important part of any piece of SEO copy.

Of course, these aren’t the only studies that we consider when doing SEO work, but they are amongst the most important. This is just a small insight into ShineRank’s methodology, and also a declaration of what we value: intelligent thought and hard work to back it up.


Written by Paul Clarke