Have you included physical activities in your self-care routine?

Have you ever heard the saying that you get what you work for? That concept it totally relevant in all aspects of life. At this moment we will apply that concept to working out or simply being physically active. The most common

Nowhere is home : Here you are – Season 1 – Short Story #1

Introduction Many people are being minimized and categorized since the day of their birth. Their life road, including their values, rules and traditions are already planned or imagined for them. It is such a fight to break society's imagination and

10 Artisan-Made Home Decor Brands For The Conscious Home

Ethically-Crafted Home Decor For The Modern Home There is nothing that makes a house feel like a home more than filling it with the people we love and the simple things that tell the story of thoughtful craftsmanship. These brands

Portaits de femmes Haïtienne du temps des Taïnos à la révolution

Nous partageons avec vous aujourd'hui une exposition du CIDIHCA, Le Centre International de Documentation et d'Information Haïtienne, Caribéenne et Afro-canadienne. Cette exposition explore en gravures, en peintures et, surtout, en photographies l’histoire des femmes d’Haïti, de la colonie de Saint Domingue à nos jours. 

5 BPD Self-Management Techniques You Can Start Right Now

Written by Ben Houghton Struggling with managing borderline personality disorder (BPD)? Here are some things that could help:   1. See a psychotherapist. Now, my own experience with psychotherapy didn’t go well. It took years of encouragement from different sources for me to

Afrofuturistic Thinking to Counter Internalized Anti-Blackness

By Jacquelyn Iyamah. Photography By Deun Ivory. A little over a year ago, I began writing 'the geometry of being Black'. I wanted to create a piece of art that delves into how anti-Blackness impacts the minds, bodies, and souls of Black

MTL E-commerce reached their 50th event: Did you miss it?

Last June 27th at Taverne modern restaurant in Montreal, there was the 50th event of MTL E-commerce the non-profit organization that does the largest monthly e-commerce and digital marketing events. The event was about the Best Ecommerce Practices 2018 in

Sociologie de la “Friendzone” pour vous les gars!

Il est dix-huit heures et je suis en pleine semaine de révisions. Mon ami Thomas frappe à ma porte avec des bières et me suggère une petite pause que j’accepte bien volontiers. Nous nous asseyons sur mon canapé et buvons.