Have you included physical activities in your self-care routine?

Have you ever heard the saying that you get what you work for? That concept it totally relevant in all aspects of life. At this moment we will apply that concept to working out or simply being physically active. The most common

Nowhere is home : Here you are – Season 1 – Short Story #1

Introduction Many people are being minimized and categorized since the day of their birth. Their life road, including their values, rules and traditions are already planned or imagined for them. It is such a fight to break society's imagination and

What Influences Our Happiness The Most?

We live in a society in which we have the pressure to find our happiness. Our happiness depends a lot on our next move. In our consuming society we believe that materialistic things have the power to make us joyful. 

Les ”dancing monkeys” & la société de recherche sur le cancer !

Ayant quelques membres de ma famille atteintes de cette maudite maladie qui est le cancer, je prends à coeur cette belle cause qu'Ysa Cao et Julien Beaulieu participent avec la Société de recherche sur le cancer afin de trouver une

Peut-on dresser l’homme contre l’agitation ?

  Credits: Framepool Ces questions méritent une attention soutenue qu'il est possible d'aborder dans une étude plus approfondie. Cependant, tous les pratiquants que j'ai pu interroger à la sortie des cours de Yoga dans lesquels j'ai été semblaient apaisés. «

La méditation est-elle une simple façon de déstresser ?

Credits : Mindbodygreen  "Qu'est ce qui te plait, toi, dans la méditation ? Au début c'était pour m'aider à dormir. Mais tu vois, grâce à ça, j'éloigne les émotions négatives comme la colère la jalousie. Je suis plus sereine maintenant. Moi

My Minimalist Journey #Detox

Credits: Minimalist Today, I made an important decision in my life by becoming a minimalist ! Some of you who knows me understands how I roll...and I can do 3000000 things at the same time. This means, I am far away

Because It’s World Autism Awareness Month

Credits: Icare4autism Autism is described as a developmental disability that affects both verbal and non-verbal communication, social interactions with others, and the ability to think in creative or abstract ways (Woolfolk, Winne, & Perry, 2016). Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder