They brought Italy to Griffintown : Moretti Pizzeria Opening

History of Pizza : Wood fired-brick oven As a sociologist and passionate about culture, I could not restrain myself from reading about that wood fired- brick oven which is the first thing you see once you step in to Moretti

Let’s dance Bollywood in Montreal !

It is originally from India, a dance form used in Indian movies . Like most of dances, it is a mix of several styles together; such as belly-dancing, Kathak, Indian folk and modern jazz.    Can we dance Bollywood in

21 Balancoires at Quartier des Spectacles!

Credits: GenericDesign by Rose Betit Play: that’s what it’s like in this area of Montréal, where the streets and open areas are alive with music, events, and interactive displays (most of them free) for residents of Montréal and visitors alike,

My Minimalist Journey #Detox

Credits: Minimalist Today, I made an important decision in my life by becoming a minimalist ! Some of you who knows me understands how I roll...and I can do 3000000 things at the same time. This means, I am far away

Because It’s World Autism Awareness Month

Credits: Icare4autism Autism is described as a developmental disability that affects both verbal and non-verbal communication, social interactions with others, and the ability to think in creative or abstract ways (Woolfolk, Winne, & Perry, 2016). Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Tips and Tools For Your Research Papers

Credits: andrewcookbarbering They are not all meant to be followed in a specific order. Write out your concern or issue as one question or many (make sure they are sentences with a question mark at the end). Note that a single

Jungle Fever: A Study on Interracial Dating

  Credits: twofacedfacts Couples with different types of ethnicities have positive and negative sides. In an interesting way, this topic interprets a new trend in our world, in which many communities oppose their integration in any other different ones.  Therefore, they prefer to interact

Young Adults Search of Identity in Night Clubs

Young adults are willing to establish and maintain social networks while finding romantic or sexual relationships in nightclubs and bars Their expectancies in these public milieu depend on the social groups, music type, money and nightclubs/bars services. Young adults use nightclubs