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Why I decided to stop taking sexist & racist comments as a personal threat [en]

Credits : @OlivierMathon It was very difficult to, first, understand, these comments, as sexist and racist ones. We tend to get so used to it throughout our existence that we forget they should not be seen as normal either accepted by our inner soul. Please note that I am not providing any examples of these types of comments because I believe if you are reading this article, you might have an idea… I am not acknowledging the matter of dealing with racism only between Blacks and Whites or sexism only between men. Therefore, that is why it is very hard to understand these concepts because we can easily generalize while putting everyone in the same boat. There are people around …

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Beyonce is about to end an era… [en]

Credits: Bustle I could not restrain myself from writing something on Beyoncé’s new album. As much as one might have faked her divorce in order to feel pain so she can beautifully create such art piece, Beyoncé will always be our #QueenBee. Obviously, any one of us is able to relate to every single song on her latest album. She chose all of her sistas for the videos. Her album is very raw and pain-ridden. She even quotes, “The most disrespected women in America [I can allow myself to add in the world] is the Black woman”. We have been taught to be careful not to destroy the ego of ‘the man’.  However, nobody ever asked who is truly at the bottom of the pyramid in …

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Why did I start blogging on Social Issues? [en]

Credits: Aprettycoollife I LOVE IT ! You know what they say… find a job you like and you will never work a day of your life. So far, I do not remember the last time I worked 😛 I wanted to have a unique style and a particular way of expressing important social issues in our life. With my sociology background as well as my passion for analysis and research, I could not stop myself to write about causes I care. Which causes am I more concerned to ? I care about racial and gender issues. I am sure you would wonder why! I mean it is pretty obvious I can relate to both. However, I am not saying that …

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