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Marco Perego took Zoe Saldana’ Last Name

“Why women are expected to give up their names while men are not, it’s a little surprising that more couples aren’t choosing to do what Zoe and Marco Saldana have done”

This article makes me happy not because Marco only agreed to change his last name but the fact that he is demonstrating a new concept and pushing men to lower their ego. It was never brought up and people did not really care about women’s identity. For instance, once you have been called Zoe Saldana your entire life then you will rebuild another identity once getting married by now becoming Zoe Perego. In the end, when women take their husband’s last name, they prove that they will forever be with this man or “own” by this man… Is Marco now saying that he is owned by Zoe? Do you think it applies as well for men, or it just became a silly concept?

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