• Diplôme universitaire, insertion sur le marché du travail et surqualification

  • Comment inclure les cosmétiques naturels dans notre quotidien ?

  • L’ubérisation de l’économie numérique

  • Sociologie de la “Friendzone” pour vous les gars!

  • Modernisation : Synonyme d’occidentalisation?

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A fiction story on immigration based on real life events.

The authorfounder of My Social Interests, Annick Bissainthe, allows herself to free her mind.

This short story is a personal project that she really cares about and is part of her freedom’s journal.

Click on the button below to get into Annick’s imagination of her definition of a free world.


Portaits de femmes Haïtienne du temps des Taïnos à la révolution

Portaits de femmes Haïtienne du temps des Taïnos à la révolution

Nous partageons avec vous aujourd’hui une exposition du CIDIHCA, Le Centre International de Documentation et d’Information Haïtienne, Caribéenne et Afro-canadienne. Cette exposition explore en gravures, en peintures et, surtout, en photographies l’histoire des femmes d’Haïti, de la colonie de Saint Domingue à nos jours.  Cette Exposition a été conçue comme la visualisation d’un...
5 BPD Self-Management Techniques You Can Start Right Now

5 BPD Self-Management Techniques You Can Start Right Now

Written by Ben Houghton Struggling with managing borderline personality disorder (BPD)? Here are some things that could help:   1. See a psychotherapist. Now, my own experience with psychotherapy didn’t go well. It took years of encouragement from different sources for me to even speak to anyone about anything and that was pre-diagnosis. I started paying a large […]
Have you Thought of Police Brutality in Canada?

Have you Thought of Police Brutality in Canada?

An incident happened during the Formula 1 week-end in Montreal where a police officer pepper sprayed a couple honking during traffic as well as the man who was filming. A short video of the incident was shared on Facebook and garnered a few hundred thousand views before being taken down. This online video showing a police officer pepper […]
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