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What would be a good definition of Modern Intellectualism ?



Mes intérêts sociaux, the French version of the blog My Social Interests, is pleased to invite you to CIDIHCA , an International, Haitian, Caribbean and Afro-Canadian documentation centre on August 19 at 6 h 30 .

We organize this event to expand our community and learn more about the social interests of our time. Finally, what do we mean by social interest?  For instance, during the Olympic games, you keep sharing articles, memes to support the athletes who have been discriminated based on their gender, sexuality and race … This, pretty much represents your social interest.

Furthermore, we would like to explain more about our mission which is the fact of promoting intellectualism while focusing on social issues.

We chose to highlight women’s intellectualism first. It does not mean that men are not welcomed in this event because we are also planning to organise more events in order to value men’s social science’theories other than Locke, Weber, Marx and Durkheim. We simply have the impression that the clock has somewhat stopped ticking…and we would like to raise awareness as much as possible.

Why are we interested to develop women’s intellectualism while portraying the legitimacy of their theories and achievements in the social science’s field ?

As a sociologist, I find it sad to realize that the most popular theories today are those of Karl Marx, Pierre Bourdieu, Weber my favourite, Durkheim and others. It is not a question of illegitimacy, but why are we mostly talking about them in a modern sociology class for example …

Obviously, the main goal of our blog is to participate in the development of emerging intellectuals starting with undergraduates. Therefore, if you have lots of essays, you should perhaps think about publishing.

Join us on August 19th at 6 h 30 pm with your friends, family members, colleagues, girl/boyfriends … so we can, together, talk about modern intellectualism.

There will be full of surprises!

  • A virtual exhibition
  • Fruit, sandwiches, etc. Of course, we must eat when we think too much !
  • A photobooth!

Credits : Ariel

Best regards,

Annick Bissainthe


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