Who are we ?

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We are an E-magazine in which you can express yourself on social issues that matter to you with the help of sociological theories & digital platforms. We have a team of young sociologists, here to work with you through your research papers if you are a student and through your social ideas if you wish to have an impact in your environment.

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Annick Bissainthe, Founder, sociology graduate from Concordia university and currently a Master student at INRS, a research university in Canada.

2014. My Social Interests was founded and Annick was the only writer of the blog. The goal was to promote all her research papers done during her bachelor degree.

Her Story. Two years from now, she was simply publishing her papers and expecting no one to read. She has learned so much in controlling and sharing her emotions through her articles in such a short time that she couldn’t be so thankful to have had all this support for something she was never expecting to be the way it is today. She continues to look forward to writing some more and helping others, sociologists, having wonderful experiences.

She has been questioned many times after graduating with her bachelor degree in Sociology, “What are you going to do with your life?’’


Thankfully she switched things up

The concept. She started as a simple blog and now My Social Interests became an e-magazine in which anyone can publish and raise awareness on social issues they care about. Social issues are very difficult & delicate topics, the articles will either sometimes provide ideal solutions or explanations that will help you deal with a specific social issue. As a team of sociologist, understanding is a very important aspect of society and ought to bring out change.

We redefine social change.

We use subtle activism for a change.

The audience. We wish to share personal, educational, professional and social experiences of precisely, former & future sociologistsstudents, and others.

The sociologist’s team. We are here to use our analytic expertise by relating any type of experiences to a social theory in order to expand our digital community & to focus on various social issues that you care about!

The mantra. You should keep going and always remember why you have started.

Our Mission. We want to share knowledge while promoting diversity and talking about different cultural topics.

Writing for us is synonym of therapy – We like to know your social interests and how to cope with it on a daily basis.

  • Tell us what is your story
  • Tell us how it affected you on a social level
  • We want to get to know you while you can learn more on us 

Our Social Interests Topics :

  1. Education
  2. Human rights
  3. Relationships
  4. Mass media
  5. Montreal Stories
  6. Stereotypes
    1. Gender
    2. Race 


Are you familiar with Sociology ?

It is the scientific study of our society. We are sure that you realize how your environment is involving, however, we can help you understand better by creating and sharing social theories.

My Social Interests Digital Magazine considered you have worked a lot on your research papers throughout your semester.

We believe that it should not go to waste when the session is done. Therefore, thinking about publishing your research papers could be the best thing you could do during your school year. The great news is that you barely have to do anything else. We take care of publishing, editing and shortening your research papers into trendy articles. We are research students and understand all the effort we put into writing an essay just to get a grade. Why not maximizing your effort and publish with us today ! We have been publishing many of our research papers for three years now and we can assure you that it is an awesome feeling when reading our articles online under our name.

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