Who are we ? [en]

Welcome to My Social Interests world, an authentic online publishing house where everyone is welcome to publish with us


Annick Bissainthe, Founder

2015. Founder of My Social Interests, an online publishing house to promote sociologists and intellectual growth while allowing diversity.

My Story. Two years from now, I was simply publishing my papers and expecting no one to read. I’ve learned so much in controlling and sharing my emotions through my articles in such a short time that I couldn’t be so thankful to have had all this support for something I was never expecting to be the way it is today. I continue to look forward to writing some more and helping others, sociologist, having wonderful experiences.

The concept. It is to raise awareness on social issues and sometimes provide ideal solutions or explanations. As a sociologist, understanding is a very important aspect of society and ought to bring out change.

We redefine social issues. 

The audience. Share personal, educational, professional and social experiences of precisely, former & future sociologistsstudents, and others.

The sociologist’s team. We are here to use our analytic expertise by relating any type of experiences to a social theory in order to expand our digital community & to focus on various social issues that you care about !

The mantra. You should keep going and always remember why you have started.

Our Mission. We want to share knowledge while promoting diversity and talking about different cultural topics.



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