3 Facts That Technology Affected Our Social Life


With the emergence of social media and artificial intelligence, technologies are becoming slowly an important part of our life.  Technologies such as airplanes, cars, the internet and more are able to overcome the obstacles of time and space. These tools are useful to gain a better understanding of other cultures.

It helps meeting people all over the world, maintaining and strengthening relationships. In the end, we are all learning how to become more socially adept. However, some of us are not fully social people and it can be the biggest challenge in our life.

Others that are introverts might like the idea of social media for instance, because it appears that you are being social through the technologies which do not impose you to make a physical effort. What could be best then being social while staying in your comfort zone for the introverts! As for the extroverts, they might use social media to meet others but they are dying to have this physical touch.

It is now time to find the balance that we need!

Gaming and social development

Gaming is an instance where you may encounter potentially serious social setbacks. Studies keep demonstrating negative impacts of the online gaming to poor social skills. For example, it was found that playing violent games can lead to a significant risk factor for later physical aggression over time. People often link video games to poor social skills; however, we might be missing the big picture. It could actually help introvert people to develop their social skills through a platform. Then, what we should do to balance things is to meet physically these people once in a while. At the end of the day, they share one interest together. They can also realize that they might have other interesting passions they like.

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Dating apps vs arranged marriage

Many of us have critized arranged-marriages that are common in South Asian and Middle Eastern cultures. We have not yet realized that our dating life is being arranged by these new applications such as, Tinder, Happn, etc. It first started being arranged by the dating websites which took care of getting data about yourself and matching you with your soul mate. Well, dating has been arranged since forever. Whether it is done by your family, a website or an app. It has been arranged. If we even meet someone somewhere we have never been, it has been arranged by life. It was meant to be. Now, we are the one who chooses to stay with this person. Our feelings and what we want in life will never be arranged by anything not even an app. Finally, the power to help us meet our soul mate is slowly changing with the emergence of these dating applications but the power to choose to be with the person will always be ours.

Television and the development of our identity

For the past decades, television has influenced our identity. What we see in the TV is what we do. With the new concept of #Representationmatters, we understand the importance of seeing someone who resembles us help us define who we are. Yet, let us not forget that we are unique and no one will ever resemble us fully. It is great to have someone like us on TV but never forget that you are unique.

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