3 ways to outsmart Google’s algorithm in 2022

Everyone wants to rank higher in Google’s SERP, but unfortunately, most people often go for complex techniques that not only cost them their time but also it costs them a lot of money. People usually overlook simpler things, despite the fact they are easier to implement. Let’s see how you can outsmart Google’s algorithm.

Google has always preferred quality over quantity. You could produce less content, but as long as you deliver the value, you are in the game. You cannot expect to write a health-sensitive article if you do not belong to the medical field. 

This would be condemned strongly as it may have negative effects on people who would follow your guidelines. In this article, we will discuss the 3 simplest yet most powerful ways to outsmart Google’s algorithm in 2022. It is not as hard as you might think it is. So, let us get started!

Number#1 – Writing Quality Content

outsmart google's algorithm- write quality content
quality content

As I mentioned above, Google prefers quality work rather than just falling for quantity. You could produce 100 articles without gaining any actual results if you are not providing users with value.

Writing quality content starts with an idea and expertise; Google became very conscious of YMYL (Your Money Your Life) content type. Whereas making a buying decision may directly lead to health-related issues, such as buying meds after reading a guide online, investing in business after reading tax information, and more!

This furthers the idea that nobody should be writing about the field he does not belong to. If you have a cooking blog, then God forbid if you are penning down tax information. Just don’t do it, and stick to what you are best at.

Google loves the content that is based on EAT principle:

  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trustworthiness

Aside from this, writing content that is unique, keyword-friendly, and plagiarism free is self-evident. Below are the qualities of good content.

  • Engaging
  • Scan-able
  • Providing value
  • Based on the E-A-T principle
  • Unique and plagiarism free
  • SEO optimized and user friendly

If you follow these rules, you can definitely rank your content on Google, and outsmart google. And if your content is amazing, who knows it may allow your content to secure a position in Featured Snippets. Also, this is the best way to rank websites on Google’s first page.

outsmart google's algorithm- permalinks

This is the second tip to outsmart Google’s algorithm, once you are done writing the quality content you are supposed to optimize it. On-page optimization is all about how you can optimize your content according to best SEO practices.

There are many aspects of On-page optimization, and one of them is the right URL (Uniform Resource Locator) structure. The URL structure is very helpful to rank your content.

The URL is also known as Permalink or URL slug. You just want to make sure your keywords appear in your permalink. Instead of having a blog name www.myblog.com/123, it should be www.myblog.com/best-SEO-tips-2022.

This will definitely push your blog whenever the relevant keyword is typed in Google. And if your content is good, then having a keyword as your slug will definitely rank it higher.

Besides setting the permalink, other on-page optimization factors are also important. Make sure you follow everything that comes in on page. 

But the purpose of highlighting permalink is due to the fact that many people forget URL slugs, even after optimizing their content hence losing an edge to rank.

Also do not include extra words in your URL, it should only be keywords and it should be reflecting your topic. 

Also, use the right category to pin your article in, do not use irrelevant categories to publish the article. Make sure you follow these tips, and you will rank faster.

Number#3 – Consistency is the key

outsmart google's algorithm- Be consistent
Consistency is the key

Finally, consistency is the most important thing for your blog. Now do not confuse consistency with creating and publishing more content. You do not have to have daily publishing in order to keep your consistency alive.

You could publish once or twice a week, but as long as you do it with consistency, the crawlers will note that. When you publish posts without breaking consistency, it signals to Google that every time bots will visit your website, they are going to find new content. 

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That way they keep coming back to your website and you get faster crawling and indexing. With time Google is focusing more on quality, that too is because every day new blogs are being created, it is hard to keep track of quality if not for these things. 

That is about it, these were the 3 best tips to outsmart Google’s algorithm in 2022. So, make sure you are creating constant content. Creating more content is not necessary, what really important is, that you hold your line and keep giving something valuable to Google. And that is how you can Outsmart Google’s algorithm.

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