5 Ways to Rank on Google Maps and Boost Your Traffic

Google Maps have become a go-to solution for people to discover local services. Hence, you are missing out on a great revenue-generating opportunity if Google has not ranked your business and it does not appear on the top searches. 

Rank on Google Maps and Boost Your Traffic

However, do not worry, as ranking on Google Maps is not complicated as long as you know the right method. Thus, we have listed 5 ways to rank on Google Maps to make your business the talk of the town. So without further ado, let us get started.

5 Easy Steps to Rank Any Business on Google Maps

First Things First: Claim Your Google Business Profile 

Rank on Google Maps

A Google Business Profile lets you manage how your business details should appear on the search engine. However, you must first add and claim the GBP on Google Maps to access it. We have stated a step-by-step guide to help you perform both actions easily. 

To add your business through Google Maps:

  • Sign in to Google Maps from your computer. You can also use your mobile phone to carry out these steps.
  • On the top left side of the screen, you will see three lines. Click on them, and a menu will appear. 
  • Locate and click on Add Your Business. 
  • You will be asked for important details about your business, like its name, category, address, etc. Enter all the required information and finally sign up for your Business Profile. 

After adding the business details, you must verify the GBP by following the below steps. 

  • Visit Google Maps on your computer or laptop. 
  • Enter your business name in the search bar. 
  • Select your business and click on Claim This Business
  • Afterward, click on Manage Now to proceed. 
  • Now Google will confirm if you are the real owner of the business. Select the suitable verification option to proceed. 
  • Finally, after following a few on-screen steps, you can claim your GBP. 

GBP is crucial for your business’s credibility, as all the details here are considered accurate and updated. Hence, you should never add false information, as Google will cross-check everything from your website and other resources. 

Upload Regular Content

Only creating and verifying a business profile is not enough. To rank, you should post regular updates about your business. Google’s algorithm surely ranks active profiles. However, those updates should be unique, like: 

  • Discounted offers 
  • Special events 
  • Relevant blog posts
  • HD images 

Amongst all the options, you can get the most out of images. Hence, you should upload relevant ones at least once or twice weekly. It will help grow your business’s engagement through clicks and shares. 

You can also increase the chances of ranking by adding a link to your business’s service page, which adds credibility. 

Ensure Your Web Presence for Local Audience 

Optimizing your website and its content for the local audience is critical for ranking on Google Maps. You must concentrate on keyword integration, content quality, and link building. Your website’s structure is also important. 

Google will only crawl and index your content if you have optimized it well. In simpler words, your website should answer the searchers’ queries. Only then will Google consider it rank-worthy among hundreds of your competitors. 

Moreover, you should also ensure that your website should not take too long to load and has a user-friendly interface.

Deal With Reviews Diligently 

Google Maps also considers the way you deal with customer reviews while ranking. For example, it will scrutinize all the positive or negative reviews. It will also observe the duration you take to respond to them. Here, being quick is the key. 

Google always prefers businesses that display a higher level of commitment toward customer service. You can also ask your customers to leave reviews regarding their experience with your product or service. 

A regular flow of positive reviews is crucial, or Google will put you through ranking problems. 

Focus on SERP and Long Tail Keywords 

Boost Your Traffic

To optimize the Google Maps rankings, you must check if the keywords you use are helpful. They should either rank within Google Maps or the SERPs. You can verify it by searching the keywords manually on Google Maps. 

There are multiple rank monitoring tools as well that serve this purpose. These tools will show you filtered Map rankings with a single click. 

Besides that, using long-tail keywords can also help you rank your business on Google Maps. Although the local search volume of these keywords is not extraordinary, it can help in several ways. 

Also, it is better than using phrases with high search volume, which can reduce your ranking chances. 


Ranking your business on Google Maps may seem like a hectic task. However, it is straightforward if you follow the correct way, as we have discussed in this article. We hope our list of 5 ways to rank on Google Maps helps your business secure top rankings on the search engine, boosting your revenue to the maximum.