8 Trendy Coworking Spaces in Montreal

by anomalymtl | Mar 13, 2019 | Workspaces

Coworking and Co-Creating in Montreal: Where to Be

If you’re a freelancer, solopreneur, or member of a tech-startup, you’ve probably heard of (or worked in) a coworking space. Coworking in an open, shared space (or privately shared space) under flexible leasing terms has become the new norm and comes with many advantages.

Breaking away from the traditional office environment and the promotion of competition, coworking spaces are meant to provide innovative and collaborative opportunities with shared resources available and ample room for flexibility for a greater sense of happiness and productivity rates. According to research performed by Small Business Labs, “coworking spaces are human spaces.” And the statistics support this: 84% said they were more engaged and motivated when coworking, 79% said coworking has expanded their social networks, and 89% reported they are happier in a coworking environment.

Whether you bring your team of employees or work independently, shared workspaces give you the security to work freely without the pressure of traditional operations and improve motivation, performance, and overall fulfillment.

Here are some worth considering…


Since opening its doors in 2011 to the U.S., the company has expanded to cities across the country and has recently opened locations internationally. With two locations in Montreal, WeWork is one of the biggest and expansive workspace companies with global recognition. Priding themselves on their “all-inclusive, cost-effective, and meaningful” amenities, a few worth mentioning are front-desk staff and personalized support, free beverages (coffee, tea, and beer included!), stocked fridges, cleaning services, phone booths, and invitations to professional and social events held in their space.

As far as workspaces, feel free to choose from a private office (private, lockable, and secure), a dedicated desk (always exclusively available to you), or a hot desk (in a shared space with no assignment). One of the most helpful resources included in a membership is access to the WeWork networking app, providing its users with new opportunities to promote their services, connect with others providing services your business can benefit from, book conference rooms, and discuss ideas.

1275 Avenue Des Canadiens-De-Montréal L’Avenue, Montreal, Quebec H3B 0G4 | 3 Place Ville Marie Suite 400, Montreal, QC H3B 2E3 | 514-700-0744


Up and coming, Anomaly is the newest coworking space in the Mile End neighborhood of Montreal. Set to open its doors to the Mile-End community on May 15th, 2019, Anomaly focuses on the intersection of data and design. Anomaly empowers you to do the best work of your life in a space that you’ll absolutely love while focusing on affordability and all the resources you might need, under one roof. Owned by Plotly, one of the most innovative data visualization companies in the world, Anomaly is a collaborative, stylish, yet cozy space for like-minded data scientists, analysts, engineers and other technical professionals, but also graphic designers, front-end developers, architects, and UX designers..

Among the amenities available are blazing fast internet, three meeting rooms, a large event space, 24/7 access, bike sharing nearby, lockers, well-designed work spaces, access to exclusive community building events, and neighborhood partnership perks in an artsy, laid-back, and multicultural neighborhood to make the most of your experience as part of the Anomaly family. Explore options to reserve your space with dedicated desks (window options available), virtual memberships with access to conference rooms when you need them, and small or standard private offices designed to accommodate up to 8 people.

5555 Avenue de Gaspé Third Floor, Montreal, QC H2T 2A3 | anomaly@plot.ly

Notman House

One of the most historic properties of Montreal, the Notman House, has found the light of modernism. The Notman House was repurposed and renovated as the startup and tech community in Montreal began to take off in 2009. Leaders involved in the startup business wanted to create a physical space catering to the tech and entrepreneurial community where people could “collaborate, share ideas and strengthen networks in an organic process driven by individual entrepreneurs and community builders”, in order to nourish and drive a diverse economic future for Montreal.

The Notman Campus has 22 offices available for technology focused startups with small offices (fitting up to 5 coworkers), big offices (fitting up to 10 coworkers), and shared spaces available for individuals working independently. In addition to the potential and drive that you can sense when you walk into the Notman House, 24/7 access, unlimited high-speed internet, discounts on event and meeting spaces, shared kitchen and lounge spaces, and discounts at Café OSMO will make you feel like this is your new home.

51 Sherbrooke West Montreal, QC, H2X 1X2 | 514-657-2833 | info@notman.org


Known for its accomodation to large groups of coworkers and its unique design, Fabrik8 calls itself the “factory of modern times”. Focusing on your business development, efficiency, resources, and well-being, the company has proven its success with a new 200,000 square feet complex under construction, aiming to push the norm of coworking environments with its strategy in design and ergonomic data. With closed offices providing the most flexible leasing terms (for companies with 2 to 25 workers), custom offices (personalized to your business, accommodating from 25 to 50 workers with leases available for five years), and enterprise offices (seating up to 500 workers, providing access to the Chef’s kitchen, lounge, gym, outdoor court, and sports field), and available event spaces for business or personal events, Fabrik8 refuses to believe anything is “impossible”.

If your business can use events to promote, discuss, or network with others in your community, don’t worry about seeking out the equipment you need. Event spaces can include microphones, screens, televisions, projectors, sound systems, bars, caterers, furniture, and staff available so all you need to bring is your attendees and your innovative ideas.

7240 Waverly Street Montreal, QC H2R 2Y8 | 514 940-4919 | info@fabrik8.ca


Does the commitment of a lease drive you away from joining the workspace community? If so, Breather was thinking of you when they created their leasing terms. Known as the Airbnb of workspaces, rent a “breather” space to get away from any distractions for a few hours, days, or months with instant booking online. Once you’ve booked, you will find your space cleaned and available with a unique keycode made just for you and those you choose to invite. Welcoming businesses of all sizes and providing space for internationally known companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Airbnb, and many more, with 500+ locations across 10 different cities, you can find a Breather space for you when you need it, where you need it.

With more than 30 private and shared offices available across Montreal, the biggest office accommodates up to 30 people and each space brings a new design in a new location to help you find what works best for you. Optional amenities for your Breather rental include whiteboards, mobile chargers, flat screen TVs, waiting rooms, ensuite kitchenettes, parking, water, and Apple TV access, with flexible floorplans and hands-on help from your Breather team available. Avoid long-term commitments, contracts, and hidden fees, Breather makes it comfortable and immediate to find your focus.

5605 Avenue de Gaspé, Montréal, QC H2T 2A4 | 1(855)804-8704 | support@breather.com

La Gare

Located in the heart of Mile-End, La Gare is a community driven collaborative space available to freelancers, entrepreneurs, and specifically benefits technology based contractors or developers. More than just workspace, La Gare integrates advancement opportunities with educational experiences. Don’t just leave with your tasks completed, attend a training workshop, add a few skills to your resume, and take a step forward in their tech-based society.

Within La Gare, Station is a welcoming space for entrepreneurs, creators, designers, artists, small teams, and employees with a desire to learn and connect with others by working on collaborative projects and driving each other closer to success. Common areas are available, seating up to 20 people and amenities are included with access to a kitchen and an espresso machine (because how else can we get things done?). For teams, businesses, or personal use, 4 conference rooms are available featuring different sizes to best accommodate you, televisions and conference call systems, audiovisual conference systems, and 3 phone cabins available. If you are in search for a fixed office to build your focus space in, their website mentions availability for that as well! Come find your place, build your place in the community, and expand your experiences with the collaborative energy at La Gare workspaces.

5333 Avenue Casgrain Suite 102 Montréal, Québec H2T1X | 514 998-1316 | info@garemtl.com


In the creative and joyous neighborhood of Mile End, lies your newest workspace at TempsLibre. More than a workspace, TempsLibre has worked hand in hand with the Free Time Solidarity Cooperative in order to offer a unique and community-driven coworking option: a free one. Meant to benefit you the most with free wifi, coffee, and pet-friendliness, TempsLibre has become a local favorite with many coming through to work on personal projects, read, play, study, discuss, socialize with others working in similar fields, or meet to collaborate on something entirely new.

Able to accommodate to businesses with small-scale teams and those looking for a reserved, cozy spot to work with everyday, there is a coworking option at TempsLibre with your name on it. With fixed rates for monthly members and flexible rates for daily or weekly members, TempsLibre has focused on creating a neutral and commercial free setting for everyone in the entrepreneurial community of Mile End. Among benefits to consider with TempsLibre, you will find childcare, kitchen-access, 24/7 access, 2 meeting rooms, 1 brainstorming room, 2 phone booths, nearby access to public transportation, and event space ready for your next business conference, personal event, or community event! The possibilities are all left in your hands.

5605, Avenue de Gaspé, local 106 Montreal, QC, H2T 2A4 | 1 438-405-6857 | info@tempslibre.coop