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Klassy Frisé

As a sociologist and passionate about culture, I could not restrain myself from reading about that wood fired- brick oven which is the first thing you see once you step in to Moretti Pizzeria. Keep Reading
Crédits : Piquetea Mon thé glacé coup de coeur : Lait d’amande   Noix de coco   Banane   Graines de Chia   Chamvre En cette journée de chaleur à Montréal, mon thé glacé coup de coeur à la noix de coco et banane m’a bel et bien permis d’apprécierKeep Reading
In today’s feature, we’re going to explain the deeper thought that goes into our digital marketing. In other words…   Social Science & SEO: Psychology, Sociology, and Linguistics At ShineRank, these three studies consistently have an influence on the way we approach and perform our SEO campaigns, Pay Per ClickKeep Reading
Credits : Glamour    Gayle Rubin, a cultural anthropologist, expresses the most acceptable reasons of sexual actions as, marriage, reproduction and love (p.44). With attention to, marital, reproduction heterosexuals are alone at the top of the sexual’ pyramid. Rubin has done an extraordinary work in explaining and giving the best acceptable reasonsKeep Reading

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