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From a Side Hustle to a Business

MSI Digital is one of the most Professional and experienced Digital Marketing companies in Canada. Our company has been operating since 2014. Our sole vision is to not only help small startups to get them to limelight, but also to provide them best support till the end.

MSI Digital is a dedicated company that focuses on white Hat SEO, which is a totally ethical and long term solution for the growth of any business. We do not believe in any unethical practice such as; PBN backlinks, or any such sort of thing. 

At MSI our team purely believes in hard work and growth oriented strate​gies that can only be achieved through consistency. We are working to turn our passion for Digital Marketing and SEO into booming strategies and plans that actually work. 

We have a dedicated in-house team of SEO analysts and content marketer who have been working for the past 8 years. One of the SEO experts is Annick Bissainthe; an MSSC Student. Annick is also a founder who has been helping businesses convert their website visits into paying clients since 2014.

About the Founder

We believe that passion is our motivation. You can do anything you want as much as you have passion, motivation, focus and definitely support from your environment or public organizations (mentor ship, etc.)

In 2014, when I just graduated from university with a sociology degree, I struggled to find what to do in the workforce. It was more a matter of what I would like. There were few paths with my degree, from my understanding, going to social worker field, getting into research (qualitative and/or quantitative) then being a genius in statistics.

After working 3 short months at Montreal Blog as a content freelancer, I learned about the content marketing industry. Since, I did not like the topics they were writing about, I decided to start my own blog without knowing anything much about it. Then, My Social Interests was created and I found my calling with SEO since.





With team efforts you will get more website traffic

With the help of our marketing experts we first analyse the business requirements, and only after that we prepare and execute plans to match our clients’ objective and business goals.

We utilise innovative and latest software and industry leading premium tools to figure out the underlying issues. We never rely on obsolete data for marketing campaigns.

Whether you want to optimise your website to rank higher in SERP, or want to rank your podcast, our strategized SEO and rightly infused keyword research can definitely get you the desired deliverables.

If you are looking for an expert Business Coach in San Francisco Ca, MSI Digital can help; we are also operating online from Montreal, and Vancouver Bc. 


Our Core Services

Our major services include everything within Search Engine Optimization, Website Audit and business growth. We ensure your website stays on top of the game to drive potential and loyal traffic to your business. 

Why SEO?

The process of uplifting the website’s performance and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) is known as SEO optimization. An SEO audit is a report that an SEO specialist such as MSI Digital uses to assess the health and initial state of a business website.

All of the past activities made; their positive or bad implications are quite important to know before one can even start SEO optimization. If you manage a business online SEO website audits are vital and probably the first thing to your success. It is critical for any business to acquire customers through internet search.

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