Amid the Current Period of Tech Lays Off in Canada; Communitech Reinstates The Help List

Tech Lays Off in Canada, communitech, an innovation center in Kitchener-Waterloo has relaunched the help list in reaction to the wave of tech layoffs presently sweeping the nation.

Increasing inflation, and interest rates. And increasing geopolitical tensions have combined with a broader market collapse that has prompted several high-growth Canadian technology businesses to cut out their employees in the face of a challenging financing climate and impending recession. 

Since Communitech the help list a few weeks ago, around 130 individuals have signed up. Hootsuite, Dooly, Article, Mejuri, Uberflip, RenoRun, Shopify, Wealthsimple, Clearco, Unbounce, Coinsquare, Introhive, Ritual, as well as Bonsai are among the Canadian IT businesses that have laid off employees over the last several weeks.

These difficult economic circumstances are felt all around the world. According to the layoff monitoring website, 517 global digital businesses have collectively laid off 69,857 workers so far this year.

Tech Lays Off in Canada

Aim to help unemployed tech employees

Communitech’s The Help List aims to assist unemployed tech employees from around the nation in finding new positions with Canadian IT businesses, Tech Lays Off in Canada. Communitech’s help list a few weeks ago. Around 130 individuals have signed up. A total of 214 terminated workers joined The Help List in 2022.

In an interview with BetaKit, Kyra Jones, Communitech’s vice president of organization development and culture, said. “One of our major objectives is ensuring the health of our ecosystem, and a huge part of that is talent.” We do not want this talent to be poached by other global [organizations] or American businesses.

In early 2020, a group led by former Prospect founder and CEO Marianne Bulger developed The Help List as a grassroots reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic tech layoffs. The list acted as a consolidated database to link affected employees with fresh startup employment prospects. According to Bulger’s LinkedIn profile, over 4,000 people and hundreds of Canadian businesses benefited from the open-source resource.

But what was originally a difficult period for tech employees gave way to a competitive labour market for digital talent in 2021, a record year for venture investment in the United States. As Canadian technology recovered, The Help List became less necessary.

The Help List was bought by Communitech during the summer of 2016 when it obtained Prospect, a nationwide startup employment website that links engineering talent with Canadian firms. No cash was transferred as a result of the dissolution and rebranding of Prospect. Jones stated that The Help List worked theoretically and continually added new members.

Communitech has made efforts to guarantee The Help List stays up-to-date and includes talent actively seeking new employment possibilities, given the increasing need for such resources in light of current market circumstances.

Utilize Communitech’s employment board

The Help List and its employment board assist Communitech in addressing the problem of talent. A crucial pillar of the company’s True North Strategy, which also includes a $200 million investment fund. Startups and job seekers may continue to utilize The Help List and Communitech’s employment board without cost.

When Communitech hears about layoffs. Jones says the hub provides a toolbox with businesses whose mission is to assist affected individuals seeking new opportunities to submit their names to a list.

In response to some of these significant layoffs. Canadian IT workers have compiled their lists of those impacted. Jones lauded these efforts as a net positive. Stating. “I believe that one of the most remarkable aspects of our ecosystem is that it is a really strong community. And therefore that community cares passionately about one another.”

Jones continued. “We’d want [The Help List] to evolve into a list that individuals place their names on when they’re looking for work so that we can assure that we’re linking top talent with opportunities in our ecosystem.” However; I would not dissuade someone from assisting if they believe they can do so.

In contrast to The Help List. Which is administered by a specialized Communitech staff. Most of these company-specific mailing lists are managed by volunteers.

Candace Beres. The project executive of strategic initiatives at Communitech told BetaKit. “We’ve really been intentional with discovering as much of those lists as conceivable and connecting well with volunteers to guarantee that they want to share both The Help List and our career opportunities board also with folks that they’re communicating with.”

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Jones claims that “there are still a number of [Canadian] IT businesses that are hiring” despite the state of the economy.

Jones said that although competition for top personnel “may not be as intense as it was a couple of months or even a few months ago”. Many companies are still aggressively recruiting. We have posted over 14,000 openings on our national employment board to fill the many available positions.

Jones stressed the need to recognize that this demand goes beyond possessing technical expertise. She said that “several responsibilities” contribute to a successful technology company. Our national employment board receives listings for almost every position a tech business might require.