Annick Bissainthe, philanthropist, entrepreneur, SEO expert, Master candidate, founded My Social Interests, an online publishing house late 2014. The main mission is to promote sociologists & intellectual growth while allowing diversity. We write about social issues such as, feminism, race, ancient civilizations, environment and more.

Breast Cancer & Women Physical Confidence

Credits: The Markconsulting.com Credits: Google According to Canadian Cancer Society  Cancer is not just one typical word, it is a tumor that can possibly spread or metastasize to other parts of your body. As well explained, “breast cancer starts in cells…

Tyranny of the clock in the human lives

Credits : Wonderful engineering  The clock structures the human’s life and obliges them to do everything in a certain amount of time (Woodcock 101). Time tends to dictate and inhibit man’s actions. For instance, ” Time as duration became disregarded, and…