Believing These 10 Myths about Podcast Optimization Keeps You from Growing

Podcast visibility optimization is a must if you want to grow your podcast audience. This is an easy way to convey your message to your target listeners.

Do you know that around 383.7 million people listened to podcasts in 2021?

A search engine optimization podcast helps you reach such a wider audience. Unfortunately, podcasters often misunderstand SEO or start believing in myths about Podcast optimization.

Below are 10 such myths that can stop you grow your podcast audience. If you truly want to know how to build a podcast audience, avoid these myths.

Podcast Visibility Optimization Is Impractical

There is a common myth that podcasting websites don’t need optimization. You may hear that SEO doesn’t help you grow your podcast audience.

But in truth, SEO is key if you want an optimal performance podcast.

With podcast visibility optimization, you can put your podcast in front of the right audience.

Don’t Need Keywords for Podcast

Keywords can get higher positions in search engines against your chosen topics.


You shouldn’t use keywords excessively, but don’t completely overlook them. Find keywords that have high volume and use them properly.

SEO Doesn’t Grow Your Podcast Audience

SEO helps your audience find your podcast when they search on Google. Thus, when people type a query or want to listen about a specific topic, SEO connects them to your podcast.

It’s a One-Time Process

Podcast visibility optimization is an ongoing process that requires consistent efforts. You need to ace your efforts if you want to grow your podcast audience.

If you stop working on SEO, someone else will take your spot on search engines.

No Need of Internal Linking

Internal linking helps you with landing page optimization podcast. This allows you to link relevant podcasts with each other.

Also, internal linking helps you establish authority on search engines.

Podcast Backlinks Are Useless

Backlinks improve the credibility of both your podcast and website. Backlinks from other sites or podcasts improve SEO and establish you as an authoritative podcaster.

You Shouldn’t Create Transcriptions

You may wonder what’s the benefit of transcription when you have said the same thing in your podcast.

Well, you aren’t alone!

A number of podcasters think the same way. However, creating transcriptions has benefits because it can help you improve SEO.

Don’t Host Podcasts on Your Website

However, there is a thought that one shouldn’t host podcasts on your website. You may hear that this can cause speed issues or you’ll need more data.

But a website is a must if you truly want to have an optimal performance podcast.

Podcast Website Speed is Irrelevant

A website that loads faster comes in handy for podcast visibility optimization. Your audience can start


listening instantly and will be hooked to your podcast

You Can’t Get an Optimal Performance Podcast

When you have a landing page optimization podcast, you are targeting the right audience. Talking about a topic that people are searching online will surely grow your audience.

Takeaway Words

A search engine optimization podcast gets more traffic and audience. SEO helps you grow over time and can bring relevant listeners who’ll stay tuned to your podcast. Even if you don’t know how to build a podcast audience, podcast optimization alone can bring new listeners.