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Presenting the best all-in-one SEO Tool to give your small business the boost it deserves, to get more web traffic, clicks and leads.

Business Growth Made Easy

Struggling with Optimized Online Presence?

Our SEO tool is packed with all the necessary features that will help you optimize your business website, and take it to the level where you can reach more traffic and leads.

We understand that small businesses often struggle to compete with larger companies, because most startups have to deal with financial hurdles, limited resources, and time.

This fairly makes it difficult for every startup to keep up with the ever-changing digital environment. But do not worry, because My Social Interests is here to help you overcome this problem once and for all.

best online business growth apps

Introducing All-in-One SEO Dashboard in As Low As $90 CAD

All-in-One SEO tool is designed to make Search Engine Optimization easier and accessible for every business regardless of its niche or industry. We help you get through the technical part, so you can enjoy the outcome!

• Intuitive SEO tool with a user-friendly interface for easy keyword research and SEO tasks.

• Simplified optimization process, allowing effective website optimization without requiring expert SEO knowledge.

• All-in-One SEO tool with comprehensive website audits, technical issue scanning, and real-time analytics.

• Track keyword rankings, monitor organic traffic, and plan content marketing strategies within a single platform.

• Data-driven decision-making enabled by valuable insights for continual website optimization.

• Access all features starting at $90 per month, with onboarding and setup assistance for successful Implementation of SEO strategies.

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Get Big Results for Your Small Business!

Starting a small business can be exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. You have got an amazing business idea, you are now ready to go, but what is next?

One of the most important steps to building a successful business is establishing a strong online presence. That's where this SEO tool will help you.

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Whats Included In Our SEO Tool?

We take pride in offering a robust and market competitive SEO tool under affordable price that empowers businesses to achieve outstanding online visibility and drive meaningful organic traffic.

This SEO tool is a comprehensive solution designed for businesses with a wide range of functionalities to enhance their online presence.

You will have access to these powerful features that will cover various aspects of SEO, ensuring your website stands out in search engine rankings and attracts the right audience.

• Keyword research
• Keyword sitemap
• Competitor research
• Content strategy
• Local SEO management
• Managing listing
• Reviews management
• Backlink opportunities
• Reporting
• Traffic insights
• Monitoring and more!

apps to grow your online business

Have a comprehensive solution at your disposal to maximize your website's visibility, attract organic traffic, and achieve your business goals.

Highly Budget-friendly Business Growth Package🔥

An SEO tool designed for small businesses to experience remarkable results without spending a lot of money on extra resources

Hike SEO

$90 CAD only +taxes
Billed monthly


Achieve More with Tool + Support Package!

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What's Extra in Support Package?

In our support package, we go beyond providing you with powerful SEO tools. We understand that implementing SEO strategies and navigating the complexities of digital marketing can be challenging, especially if you have limited or no SEO background. That's why our support package is dedicated to people who have no SEO background or businesses who want to see fast result with extra help.

Here is the extra support you will get:

Keyword Research Support:
Get comprehensive keyword research support to identify strategic keywords for your online business.

Additional Resources:
Additional resources, Knowledge-base, Facebook Group, and Group Office Hour Call to aid your growth.

1:1 Support:
We provide personalized 1:1 support to help you set up your digital presence on our platform.

Tutorials & Guides:
We offer a range of tutorials, guides, and short videos that cover various aspects of digital marketing

It is common for challenges and roadblocks to arise for someone who hasn’t been on SEO journey, which is why if you encounter any difficulties or have questions, our SEO expert will be there to walk you through, making business growth journey so easy!

This support package is ideal for individuals who have little to no SEO background but are eager to accelerate the growth of their business. With our dedicated support, you can confidently navigate the world of SEO and achieve meaningful results.

In Support Package we walk you step by step through:

✔ Onboarding and setting up
✔ Keyword research
✔ Technical aspects
✔ Your queries
✔ Business objectives and goals
✔ Growth hacks
✔ Business growth strategies
✔ Action plans + roadmap
✔ Consultation & more

Plus its still the most affordable tool in market

Get All the Additional Monthly Expert Support + Tool To Grow Faster 💙

Support + Tool package is best for everyone who wants to grow their online business faster with an extra helping hand

SEO tool All in one

$170 CAD only +taxes
Billed monthly

Here Is How Our Membership Program Will Help You Stay Ahead of Curve

Boost Your Business Without Paying For Ads

Our SEO membership program brings an opportunity for startups to grow their business without having to pay for expensive ads. With the help of our top-notch SEO tools, and guidance you can attract more organic traffic and leads to your website. This can help you save money on advertising costs when you are just starting out.

Dominate Your Niche And Acquire More Clients

With our custom SEO strategies, action plan and roadmaps you can expect to see more traffic, and ultimately, more sales. Whether you are an e-Commerce, or service based business, growing into a viable online business is possible in your niche.

Get More With Less And Save Resources

We have made our tool user-friendly and easy to use, which means you can focus on running your business without getting into any complexity. Plus, our affordable pricing plans make it accessible to businesses of all sizes, including startups and freelancers giving SEO services.

Skyrocket Your Online Presence

My Social Interests SEO program helps you optimize your brand and improve your search engine rankings, so you can improve your online presence across all channels including some famous search engines like Google, and Google My Business listing. We help your business rank higher.

Plus Get Extra 1:1 Sessions with Exclusive Support Package 💙

1 on support in support program

Bill Monthly? Nah, Let's Go 'Yearly' Amnesia Boss Mode 🔥😎

Best Deal to Save Time and Money Go Yearly, Go Easy
With Extra 2 HOURS Dedicated 1:1 Session

Hike SEO

$1071 CAD +taxes
Billed yearly

Get Annual Tool + Support Package, while Saving Some Bucks

best all in one seo tool

$1978 CAD only +taxes
Billed yearly

Businesses Whom We Have Helped! 🔥

Next Can Be Yours

With our expert guidance and easy to understand educational resources, you will become an expert in online world. We will assist you in making your digital presence simpler and improving your online performance.

Our Affordable Pricing Makes It Easier To Get Started


  • Competitive SEO tool
  • Keyword research
  • Website Audit
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Business growth strategies
  • Consultation
  • Action plans + roadmap
  • Your queries
  • Growth hacks
  • 1:1 Exclusive Call


  • Competitive SEO tool
  • Keyword research
  • Website Audit
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Business growth strategies
  • Consultation
  • Action plans + roadmap
  • Your queries
  • Growth hacks
  • 1:1 Exclusive Call

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"They did a total review of my website and made it up to date to serve the purpose of my coaching business. They worked on my sales pages and my SEO with great professionalism. I totally recommend their services to any business owner and I plan to continue working with them on my other digital projects."​​
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