Best Dry Eraser Calendar Magnetic Board- Never let ideas run out again

The best thing about creative people is they never let anything go missing from their minds, everybody gets creative once in a while, and that is the time when you want to put everything in black and white. 

Noting things down is a very good habit, and it is in fact a money-making habit, you cannot get the same idea every time, which is why you should always be ready and have something by your side to note things down.

Whether you are a writer, designer, digital marketer, or running a small business, it is always smart to have something to keep your ideas safe. And for the very same reason, we have a dry erase calendar, Magnetic board. 

This will not only help you note your ideas down, but also it has a fully capable calendar that will ensure you can plan your content or anything important without delay. Let us find out more about this amazing product.

Dry Erase Calendar Magnetic Board – Monthly Planner

Dry Erase Calendar Magnetic Board

Dry eraser calendar magnetic board features a powerful thickened magnet, the thickness is 0.8mm but it is quite powerful, and you can stick it firmly. It is a good idea to keep it where you can see your daily plans, such as on your refrigerator, metallic board, or your door, anywhere metallic is best, and it will not fall down. You can even hang the dry eraser calendar magnetic board from the wall; it has a hole that can be used for wall hanging. 


Magnetic dry eraser comes with a stain-resistant surface, which features a PET surface, this allows you to clean it with just one wipe, and you will not have to force yourself to clean it with liquid or anything else. Ink can be taken off with a simple duster. You can keep erasing and writing over and over without being worried about the surface getting rough.


If you know someone who is creative then there is no better gift than a Dry eraser, this will keep your loved ones easy to remember a lot of things, and will keep them organized. It is sleek and graceful, and it makes things professional, so even if you want to use it for the office, this would be a perfect thing.

The package contains 1 magnetic board along with 5 best Markers that you can use for a very long time; also you will get 1 eraser and a set of magnetic bookmarks which will keep things easier and more interesting.


You will love the quality of this best dry magnetic board; also you will find it quite affordable. Still, if you are not satisfied with the quality, you can return it and get your money back; this is the best deal, so you can try it without having any fear of not returning it.

You can also use chalk on this board, but you may have to use water to clean it off. If you want to get creative and get the most out of your mind, then this best dry erase calendar magnetic board is definitely worth a try.

Key Features:
  • Weight: Around 1 pound
  • Total Shipping Weight: 1.6lbs (including  markers, eraser, magnetic bookmarks)
  • Dimensions:  16.9″ x 13″
  • Thickness: 0.8mm
  • Affordable
  • Graceful outlook
  • Markers, Bookmarks, and erasers included
  • The ruler at the  bottle
  • Easy wipe off
  • Non-toxic and low odor
  • High-quality PET Surface
  • It is manual (cannot save the tasks)

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