31 Best SEO Tools for Auditing & Monitoring Your Website in 2024

Google often changes its algorithm policies related to search engine monitoring, and sometimes such updates can also turn down your efforts to rank your website. Moreover, no one exactly knows the secret that ranks their website on SERP. However; some best SEO tools can help you with that.

31 top marketing and SEO tools

You may use many paid and unpaid tools to optimize your SEO content. These tools assist you in looking at the page like search engines do so you can appropriately use keywords. This action will help improve your ranking.

Note: The below-mentioned tools offer both free and premium versions. Free versions have limited facilities, whereas paid versions offer unlimited ones.

Free SEO Tools

We have mentioned free tools for SEO assessment. However, to enjoy exciting features, you can also avail of their premium version. 

1-HubSpot Website Grader:

Marketing is all about bringing traffic and qualified leads to the website. Therefore, individuals related to marketing should understand the concept of SEO, which can also help them rank.

HubSpot is an SEO monitor software which presents you with a report when you just enter the URL of your website. This report shows the action that your website needs to take and also some areas for improvement. 

Further, by signing in, you will get a course that will guide you about the SEO strategies that can help you optimize the content. This course is named Hubspot Academy SEO course.

The features you get with this tool include: 

Website performance: The report will show the website’s progress in very little time. You can learn about the issues. It will also offer you specific actions that will improve your website’s SEO.

On-demand support: You will also get how-to actions to improve SEO.

Improves specific website issues: You can learn SEO tactics from HubSpot Academy Course which can solve your particular issues. 

Optimize for mobile: You will learn about mobile website SEO.

Better user experience: You can make the UX experience of your user much better.

2-Google Search Console:

It has a massive range of features which can help you rank your website for your desired keywords and is considered as the best website for SEO.

Google Search Console can be of immense help if you work as an SEO Consultant. You can efficiently perform an analysis of your preferred keyword from scratch. You can also make changes in your strategies to improve your ranking.

It will guide you about the following features:

Keywords: You will get the keywords useful for the SEO of your website.

Crawl errors: Finds crawl errors that need to be resolved to improve your website.

Mobile responsiveness: It will also tell you how mobile-friendly your website is.  

Google Index: It has a URL inspection tool which can tell you the count of indexed web pages you have. If no webpage is there, it describes how you can add one.

Analytics and metrics: You can access data regarding clicks, impressions and click-through rates with it.

3-Google Analytics:

Other than its paid version, the free version of this tool is worth the use for SEO optimization of your website. It works perfectly with the Google Search Console, a search engine positioning tool which will locate and compile all your data. 

The queries option is also there to better understand the SEO lackings regarding keywords you want to rank.  There are some other ways through which you can make enough use of Google Analytics.

Filtering your referral tactics: Fake traffic can damage your SEO strategies. You can identify this through Google Analytics and solve the problem.

Compare organic vs non-organic traffics: Optimizes the routes through which organic traffic comes by identifying them.

Determine engagement metrics: It can identify engagement metrics of your website via a content report. It also checks web pages.

4-Upcity Free SEO Report Card:

SEO rank report

It gives you a report card of your website through which you can examine it to know the competitor’s websites. Once you enter your primary pieces of information, it will help you by guiding you toward these points:

Rank analysis: It will give you a picture of the ranking of your website on search engines.

Link building: It will also provide you an idea of the numbers on which your website is linked. 

On-site analysis: A success ratio of the keyword usage.

Website accessibility: Such as how much time your website takes to load or to give access to the user.

Trust metrics: A brief overview of trust level users have for your website. 

Current indexing: Count of the indexed web pages.

5-Internet Marketing Ninjas

This website has a range of free site tools that can help you to evaluate the traffic, competition and SEO optimization of keywords. 

A few tools that you should try for SEO optimizations are:

Broken link tool: It can find and redirect the broken links to generate the website’s XML sitemap. 

Image metadata: It will tell you about external and internal links that need attention.

On-page optimization tool: Meta information, internal links and web page content is evaluated.  

Side-by-side comparison: Compare your and your competitors’ web pages.

Page load time: Estimate the time your landing page takes to browse.

6. Bing Webmaster:

Bing search

Microsoft Bing webmaster is a powerful SEO agency tool considering its free features. Its report helps you to examine the websites and evaluate the backlinks and the use of keywords. It will make sure that your website ranks on Google search.

You can manage the following SEO tactics through Bing web admin:

See backlink profiles: It checks backlinks to examine the domain and referring pages. 

Perform keyword research: it can search the relevant keywords your audience is looking for. 

Use the site scanning feature: Evaluates the errors in SEO optimization by crawling the website. 

Get SEO reports: It checks every error on your website. 

The free tools that we mentioned earlier are for websites which are already well-established. But if you are a beginner interested in knowing the ideas and headlines your audience is looking for, then Google Trends is the perfect tool for you. You can explore the entire range of keywords with this automatic SEO tool. 

However, this tool will not give you organized data. Instead, it will provide a range from which you can direct your SEO strategies, which then further becomes beneficial when paired with HubSpot’s SEO marketing tool. 

The following parameters of this tool can help: 

Trends: Check the trends country-wise. 

Popular topics: Look for famous people and the keyword people are typing to search. 

Comparisons: Compare different trends timely. 

8.  Seolyzer:

Seolyzer will show you how many search engines view your website for free. Crawling bots while browsing your site leaves some information. Seolyzer analyzes it and generates SEO KPIs. It can examine parameters like code errors, page speed performance and redirects. 

It can also assist you in the following:

Monitor SEO issues: Evaluates the errors in response time and crawl volume before anything wrong happens with your web pages. 

Manage your unique KPIs: It examines happy SEO parameters, including crawl volume, dynamic pages and HTTP status codes. 

Comparison of web pages: Identifies pages necessary for your website’s bottom line. 

Measure SEO impact: Examines your SEO tactics that are actually producing results on a page-by-page basis. 

9. SEOquake:

It is a free SEO Google Chrome extension. It checks on-page SEO, both internal and external links, domain comparison and real-time URLs.

SEOquake can be used for the following analysis:

Link analysis: As its name says, it audits all kinds of links, which are anchor text, URLs and other types. It works best when coupled with examiner features. 

Focus on metrics that matter: It will only focus on the parameters which lack SEO optimization. 

Adjust the SEOquake reports: Customizes the parameters and metrics which are important for you. 

Audit website’s SEO: Determine the problem that might not be an issue for you but a problem for search engines. 

Share your findings with stakeholders: You will get a report from an SEO examination of your website, which is shareable. 

10. Seobility:

It is among the best SEO audit tools. It will check whether the website is SEO optimized. The process is simple, and you have to enter your URL. Your website will undergo an SEO assessment, after which you will get instructions to optimize it.  

Apart from SEO analysis, you will get 1000 audits, alerts through email, reporting, and monitoring of keywords. 

Seobility gives you the following features:

Find technical errors: It will fix the on-page SEO problems that hinder your website’s traffic and get back the lost traffic. 

Accurate SEO scoring: It gives you the SEO score of SEO parameters of your website like the quality of the page and others. 

Analysis of meta information: Meta issues are crucial in ranking. It will give you information about these parameters like meta tags and descriptions, domain names or page URLs.

the suggestion of link structure: it gives instructions to optimize the headers and unsuitable anchor text. 

Server error fixes: Give information regarding HTTP headers, and files of javascript. 

It is a free SEO Google extension that tells you if your website works on internal and external web pages. For example, entering a term on Wikipedia will tell you about the total number of Wikipedia pages and broken links.  

Check My Links help you fix broken links, which makes it an excellent tool for content editors and web designers as per the creator’s choice. 

This tool helps you with the following parameters:

Identify broken links: It recognizes invalid links and checks the link to your website. 

Auto-highlight issues: Shows working links in green colour and broken links in red colour.  

Export broken links analysis: Copy all wrong links in the clipboard. 

12. BrowSEO:

BrowSEO is a free SEO browser. It will examine the UX of your website and review content to get an SEO overview. You can quickly enter the URL and give output in HTML to better understand the structure of the page, keywords optimization and remaining SEO parameters. 

BrowSEO can help you with the following:

Check the number of words on each page: Identify the length of web pages. 

Link determiner: Identify the count of both internal and external links on your site. 

Check all meta information: Examine meta tags and descriptions.

13. CWVIQ:

It will keep track of page speed and send notifications about your web pages’ loading issues, making it a free email notification tool. Monitoring the page speed along with core web vitals is necessary as they influence your website’s ranking and user experience. 

It sends you personal messages to ensure the SEO parameters so you will not face any issues in scaling them. CWVIQ is the best SEO audit tool as it also sends a weekly summary which contains all core web vital metrics so you may routinely check your website’s issues. 

It performs the following two critical functions:

Monitor website performance: Gives you weekly page speed stats and web performance. 

Optimize backend performance: It will pick out areas where optimization is required for better load time and user experience.

Paid SEO tools

best SEO and marketing tools

Now take a look at the details of the paid tools. They offer free trials as well, but with certain restrictions.

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1-HubSpot SEO Marketing Software:

Price ranges are accordingly;

  • $45 per month at the start
  • $800 for professionals
  • $3,200 for the agency

It is a paid software that allows you to build authority on your website. HubSpot landing pages, web pages and posts are combined with it so you do not have to worry about traffic and conversions. 

Beginners and experts, both, in website businesses can use Hubspot’s SEO marketing software. It also gives tools which can help you rank on search engines.

HubSpot SEO checker operates with the following tools:

Marketing automation: Develop ideas for different campaigns for different people. 

Lead management: It keeps an eye on the sales process. 

Analytics: It evaluates weak points in your success and directs you to the issues which need improvement. 

2. Ahrefs:

Ahref tool

Price ranges are accordingly;

  • Seven-day trial for $7
  • $99 per month for Lite
  • $179 per month for Standard
  • $399 per month for Advanced 
  • $999 per month for Agency

It evaluates your many SEO parameters, including keywords, links and ranking profiles, to assist you in deciding better SEO strategies. 

You will get the following features in Ahrefs:

Site Explorer: Displays the progress of other web pages on your website.

Content Explorer: You can find well-performing keywords of particular topics and keywords. 

Keywords explorer: It suggests high search volume and can search click-worthy keywords. 

Site audit: It reviews your domain and guides you to the issues on your web page. 


Price ranges are accordingly;

  • $119.95 per month for Pro
  • $229.95 per month for Advance
  • $449.95 per month for Agency

SEMrush is a kind of dashboard which displays the progress of your website in general and guides on the specific pages as well.

SEO Toolkit is a professional resource of SEMrush. It reviews your website’s progress routinely to evaluate the high search volume keywords, particularly for your webpage and the general click-through rates of a keyword. 

You get the following features on SEMrush:

Build links: It reviews backlinks of websites to your web page.

See your competitors’ strategies: It reviews your competitor’s web pages to evaluate the paid keywords or ad copy they are using. 

Receive recommendations: It suggests ways to increase traffic in organic ways. 

4. SEOptimer:

best SEO tools in 2023

Price ranges are accordingly;

  •  14-day free trial for $19.99 per month

It is a paid SEO audit tool which helps generate white-label audits and insert them on their webpage for lead generation. It has a vast checking system which comprises 70 different data points to give a complete report as it has the best SEO reporting.

SEOptimer gives you a free audit site on their homepage. It shows two scores on your website. One is for the overall site, and the other is additional which is further sub-categorized into five classes:

  • On-page SEO
  • Backlinks
  • Usability
  • Performance
  • Social media (including Local SEO). 

This real-time SEO reporting system provides you with the information of every review and suggests ways to improve your rankings.

SEOptimer offers the following features:

Unlimited white-label audits: It makes white-labelled SEO audits. 

Embeddable audit tool: Creates personalized site audits for your website for lead generation.  

Keyword research tool: It guides you entirely about keyword research, high-volume index keywords and organic traffic. 

5. KWFinder:

Price ranges are accordingly;

  • Free trial of 10 days for $29 per month

You must pick the best keyword with all the ranking qualities, like high search volume and maximum click-through rates. Such keywords can solve your problems related to ranking on search engines. This also has some advanced website analyzing features which makes it one of the best business SEO platforms. 

It would be best if you used this as it has no restrictions on languages and geographical regions. It can give you SEO-friendly keywords to rank on SERP regardless of the different preferences of the audience. 

KWFinder offers the following features:

Long-tail keyword insights: It  can find keywords which bring more traffic 

Insights of competitor’s keyword: It can give you a comparison chart of your website and your competitor’s website and give you more keywords. 

SERP analysis tool: This will guide you on the keywords your audience is looking for and it also reviews competitions. 

Local keyword research tool: Reviews what the regional audience wants to get more organic traffic. 

6. GrowthBar:

Prices are as follows; 

  • Free trial of 5 days with $29 per month
  • $79 per month for Standard
  • $129 per month for Agency Plan 

It is a paid Google Chrome extension which helps with fundamental SEO tactics that can rank your website including keyword research and competitors’ website knowledge. It is a unique extension as it can show you your competitors’ progress. You can check their keywords, backlinks and progress with its SEO crawling tools. 

GrowthBar is the best link analysis SEO software and its features are as follows:

Top keywords and backlinks feature: It analyzes the keywords that are bringing the majority of the traffic to your website and gives you authentic backlinks. 

Get your keyword difficulty score: It analyzes the keyword competition and tells you the rank probability of that particular keyword. 

Word counter tool: It can determine word count directly from search engines. 

Run Facebook ads: It displays what the ads look like from the SERP’s angle. 

7. Woorank:

Prices are accordingly;

  • Free trial of 14 days
  • $79.99 per month for Pro
  • $199.99 per month for Premium

Unlike other analyzing tools, it goes deep inside your website to pick your weak points which lack SEO optimizations. Wooranks reviews the progress of present SEO tactics and gives tips in report form and is the best search engine monitoring tool. 

The report is simplified as it has sections to understand the lacking areas on sites better. It has SEO audit technical tools which give the best online SEO report with the following features:  

Marketing checklist: It analyzes the basic marketing strategies which can improve your rankings. 

SEO: SEO tactics are reviewed to achieve ranking on SERP. 

Mobile: Review your website’s visualization on a mobile screen and optimize accordingly.  

Social: It reviews the influence of social media on your organic traffic. 

8. BuzzStream:

Prices ranges are as follows;

  • 30-day free trial
  • $24 per month for Starting Package 
  • $124 per month for Group
  • $299 per month for Professional

Sometimes backlinks do not need revisions. In this case, BuzzStream can do wonders. First, it finds the appropriate audience, then posts them with personalized emails. Not only this, it keeps an eye on the number of people who are accepting your request and monitors keywords.

BuzzStream is a website optimizer software which performs website SEO analysis, and offers the following features:

Identify candidates for outreach: It extracts the people’s information based on their social media preferences and engagement. 

Identify candidates for backlinks: It identifies individuals based on reasons unique to the website niche. 

9. Moz Pro:

Price ranges are accordingly;

  • 30-days free trial
  • $99 per month for Standard
  • $149 per month for Medium
  • $249 per month for Large
  • $599 per month for Premium

It works on a subscription basis, which increases your website’s ranking on SERPs by suggesting various SEO tactics absent on the webpage. It gives you tools which can track your progress and optimize your efforts. 

Moz Pro is an SEO crawling tool which has the following features:

Website crawler: It can review approx 3000 links on a URL.

Report of email: It can mine data of the sites your web pages are linked to. It gives you an insight into duplicate content and guides you back to SEO tactics.

 10. Linkody:

Price ranges are as follows;

  • Free 30-days trial
  • $14.90 per month for Webmaster
  • $24.90 per month for Advanced
  • $49.90 per month for Pro, 
  • 99.90 per month for Enterprises

Backlinks overview can help you on managing on-page SEO performance. It also gives you an understanding of SEO strategies. This tool deals with backlinks by tracking, discovering and analyzing them. 

Linkody daily reviews your site and notifies you of issues so you can protect your website ranking from getting ruined. It also does organic search monitoring.

Linkody performs daily SEO tracking and has the following features:

“Spy” on your competitors’ backlinks: Once you enter competitors’ URLs, it will extract every link. From this, you can determine business-related authoritative backlinks for your websites. 

Gain valuable insights: Its tracking process gives information on metrics like the ‘rel’ attribute, Google indexation status, spam score and more. 

Create white labels: This gives information in the form of pieces which are shareable with team members to communicate with them in the link-building process and backlink distribution. 

11. Screaming Frog SEO Spider:

Price; It comes for free or at the price of €149 per year

It is an SEO optimization software that will go through the URL you want to check to learn SEO problems. It is one of the best SEO audit tools, as it works fast and only takes a few hours to extract the information. Other SEO automation tools can take multiple days to manually remove the data. 

Screaming Frog SEO Spider comes with the following features:

Java Program: It has a Java program with self-explanatory tabs. 

Easy transferable to Excel: Detailed analysis of data.

12. Remove’em:

Pricing is as follows; 

  • $249 one-time payment for Life-Time plan
  • $99 per month for a Subscription
  • $899 per month for Business 

It is not easy to revive a dead website with poor SEO data analysis. You face many issues if you are doing so or using a domain that you used formerly. The main problem is fraud backlinks. These unnatural links can ruin your SEO strategies for ranking your website. The only way to save your website is to remove them. 

Remove ’em can help you with dealing with backlinks as it has the following features:

Scan your backlink profile: It will discover a range of useless backlinks, so you may ask to remove them and also give you the best SEO report.

Export a list of backlinks: When removing it can not help, you may disown these by requesting to Google.  

13. AnswerThePublic:

answer the public tool

Prices are as follows; 

  • $99 per month for a month
  • $79 per month for the Annual plan
  • $199 per month for the Expert plan

It is one of the best SEO reporting software. It usually works by analyzing Google and other engines, then gives you a range of keywords, both long tail and short tail, that your audience is searching for. By using the extracted keywords, your chances of ranking on SERP increase, and you get more traffic. 

AnswerThePublic is best at finding keywords for websites and can help you with the following:

Receive updates: Keywords relevant to your desired niche that is famous among searchers. 

Monitor keyword trends: The attitude of the audience while searching those keywords. 

Check real-time searches: Determine keywords for your targeted audience. 

Get ideas for your website and blog: You can also find the latest ideas for web content. 

14. Keyword Hero:

Prices are accordingly; 

  • 14-day trial for any plan
  • Free for Little Hero
  • $9 per month for Big Hero
  • $49 per month for Giant Hero
  • $149 per month for Ultimate Hero

It is a website optimizer software that tells you precisely the keyword your audience googles to reach you in your analytic accounts. It simply means evaluating the intent of your audience.

Keyword Hero can work as SEO client management software which can help you with the following:

Identify organic traffic: Tells you the progress of relevant keywords. 

Optimize your position in the SERPs: It performs relevant keyword strategies for SEO. 

See query details: What kind of query does your audience enter to find you?

15. SpyFu:

Prices are as follows;

  • $39 per month for Basic
  • $69 per month for Professional
  • $129 per month for Unlimited

It is software for SEO agencies that helps in finding keywords for websites or Google Ads. Along with this, it also keeps track of Google, Bing and Yahoo rankings to help you find organic traffic to your website and Google Ads. It gives authentic information for lead generations. 

SpyFu can help you in:

Download PPC keywords of competitors: You can use these stats to create PPC-compatible tactics. 

Download the SEO keywords of competitors: You can use these stats to develop SEO keywords compatible with search engines. 

Review ranking trends: It tracks your ranking for a particular keyword.

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16. Seometer:

  • Prices are accordingly; 
  • $19 per month for Small Businesses
  • $49 per month for Professionals
  • $179 per month for Unlimited

Seometer can also perform SEO auditing along with website crawling. It does SEO assessment to analyze on-page optimization. After crawling in a report form, it gives you information containing all website-relevant information, including external and internal links, page quality, social media, organic presence, etc. 

best SEO tools

Lastly, it suggests ways to make your SEO better with regard to each parameter. Further, you can do the following work:

Special SEO monitoring feature: Your website will be checked, and you will get information if your SEO strategies have issues. 

Get detailed reports: Give an overview of on-page along with off-page SEO parameters. 

Domain comparison tool: It will compare your website with a competitor’s website to determine the weak and strong points of your site. 

17. ContentKing:

Prices are accordingly; 

  • $139 per month for Basic
  • $319 per month for Standard
  • $449 per month for Pro
  • $1,279 per month for Enterprise

ContentKing is one of the best SEO audit tools, which tracks your site daily to figure out the SEO issues to notify you. It does not need installation as it is cloud-based software, and you can access your data anytime. 

ContentKing analyzing website gives you the following features:

Improve your SEO: It can audit your site to give you an overview. Additionally provides you with some instructions to improve your analytics SEO.

Get alerts: It sends notifications of any errors that need fixing to save your ranking.

Track changes: Keep track of all changes you make to your content, like alterations in web pages etc. Additionally, it saves the changes in history as well.   

18. SE Ranking:

Prices are accordingly;

  • $39.00 per month for Essential
  • $89.00 per month for Pro
  • $189.00 per month for Business

SE Ranking checks website status and analyzes keyword performance and traffic flow on your website. It gives you the competitors’ stats so you may understand the competition and change your marketing tactics. It gives you the option to customize SEO reports as it is a white-label SEO tool.

SE Ranking gives you the following features:

Keyword rank check: Compare the keyword strengths of your competitors to give you an accurate keyword audit, find SEO potential and display information. 

Website audit: It reviews websites in depth to identify any SEO errors and suggests some tips to remove them. 

Competitor analysis Provides you with the complete details of your competitor related to audience traffic, ranking of keywords and other information in searches. 

Analysis of backlinks: It can review websites to prepare the best online SEO reports of backlinks. This report includes comprehensive details, including referring domain, anchor text and linked pages. 

We have written all the best free and paid SEO assessment tools. Select any of them based on your preference and website type and rank your website

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