4 Top Ways to Get Visibility for Local SEO – Local SEO for Small Businesses

Local SEO for Small Businesses

Did you know according to a report, 78% of internet users seek information about local businesses more than once a week? This strongly emphasizes how important it is to optimize your small business for the local market.

If you can get your small business optimized for the local market, you can double your exposure, and might even have a strong chance of getting higher sales in your niche. And that is where Local SEO for Small Businesses jumps in. 

The better optimized your small business is for local SEO, the higher exposure it gets when people search for you. Optimizing your website for SEO and optimizing your business for Local SEO are two different things. 

Most people might confuse these two things, and after doing website SEO, they think they are done, which stops them from gaining enough exposure in the local market.

In this article, we are going to talk about the 4 best ways to get visibility for local SEO for your small business. So, let us get started!

Number#1Work on local link building

So long as we talk about SEO, there would be link building. Link building is very important; it signals to Google or any search engine that your website is trustworthy. If you can manage to get a link from an authoritative website, it will uplift your website ranking, as it will transfer link juice to your website.

When you work on Local SEO for Small Businesses, you must incorporate local link building as part of your optimization process. You can start with building citations and make sure your phone number, Address and name are spread correctly all over the web. Your citations should be the same everywhere if you are present on five different online channels.

Number#2Get Google My Business Profile

Google My Business profile is a lifeline of your Local SEO for Small Businesses. You cannot expect your local SEO business to complete unless you create a well-optimized profile on GMB. Google My Business will present your business to thousands of people, and as people search your niche, it is highly likely that your small business will also show up on top.

While you list your business on other local listing sites do not forget to list it on GMB, not only will it increase your authority in the eyes of Google. But also you will be promoting your business for free! So, there is no question of not creating it.

Also, it is very easy to create Google My Business profile, you do not need any technical knowledge in order to get through, just go to the Google My Business site and sign up as a business, if you do not have products, you can list services too.

Make sure to provide the website address. If you do not have it, it is highly recommended to create it first.

Few Benefits of GMB:

  • Great exposure
  • Health and safety information
  • Information about upcoming events
  • Interact with your clients through Q&A

Google my business. Man working on computer

Number#3Make sure your local listings are not outdated

While you focus too much on creating listings. It is important to know that your local listings are not outdated. This means you have to be careful regarding the information you put in. If at any point your address is changed or anything else changes. You must update it everywhere.

The more listings you create, it becomes a little hard to manage them, especially when you have to change the data, this is why make sure you keep track of all your listings. Such as yelp, GMB, or any other directory you use, so if you ever need to change the information you can do it.

Or you can also use tools like local SEO tools, and Moz local to keep track of your local listing processing, you can monitor them and automate the process of scanning them.

Women drawing on board, keep local listing updated

Number#4Using Local Schema

Schema markup can also help you as it helps Google in identifying the structured data type. It makes Google’s job easier in determining what your content is about. Just like writing quality content can help you rank higher, Schema markups can also help you win Google’s trust, and eventually make your place in one of the ranking websites.

There are so many things schema can help you with such as. FAQs, reviews, and breadcrumbs, it is all about providing your users extra information. While others may lack this. You can outdo them by giving something extra, and secure your place in local search results.

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We have shed light on the 4 best ways for small businesses to gain visibility in the local market. It may not seem much. But once you implement it all. You will start to see results and that will be the time when your efforts will start to pay off. 

Make sure you apply all and keep improving. Moreover; Google My Business is now also available on Google Maps, so you can easily add and connect your business through Google maps. Cheers!