5 things that can de-rank your website: Avoid these mistakes today

Creating a professional website might not be as hard as maintaining it. If you have created a website that you want to grow then you must keep it maintained and ensure everything is smooth for your users. From keyword research to writing content, everything needs to be aligned with your goals. And also your website needs to provide good UX, today in this article we are going to discuss 5 mistakes that you need to correct right away. These mistakes not only leave a bad impression on your users but also make you lose your website score. So, let us get started with Website optimization guidelines.

website optimization tips

Number #1- Your website has Hidden Navigation

Hidden navigation is a quite important Website optimization point. Have you ever wondered why breadcrumb is such an important thing from an SEO perspective? A good website always has a strong navigation system.

Whether you utilize breadcrumbs, a navigation button to scroll from bottom to top, or some other navigation to move to and fro, if it will not work fine, it will put off your users.

Make sure your website content is searchable within the site; there should be a proper search box, and navigation bar to jump between categories and pages. You can place the navigation menu anywhere you want; the most suitable places are;

  • Sidebar
  • Top
  • Footer

Number #2 – Your website is not mobile optimized

According to research, more people are android users. You are probably reading this article from mobile too. Or even if you are not, you spend a lot of time on social media from mobile and not desktop. 

This proves that mobile users are highly likely to visit your website, rather than desktop users. While this is best that you optimize your website for desktop too, you should never neglect to optimize your website for mobile. 

Check your website score from Google page insight; make sure you are checking for both mobile and desktop. Everything matters when it comes to mobile optimization such as page load speed and more.

Number #3– You are not using quality images

The third most important thing is using quality images. Whenever you visit someone’s website, what is the first thing you note? Is it the text or image? Definitely, your answer would be imaged. 

If you are reading a blog, the possibility is you would be seeing the Feature image first. And if it is not in good resolution, not correctly cropped, or maybe just it does not go with the content, how would you feel?

 That is why not using quality images directly leads the user away from your website. Make sure that the user comes to your website and sees the quality images.

Another example of a bad image is not using Alt text. In many cases, traffic on your blog would come through images. They search images on Google by typing in some keywords, and if your image shows up, they will jump to your website. So, make sure your image represents your content, and ithat t is using targeted keywords.

Number# 4– Your website is not designed professionally

website design

Professional design does not mean your website needs to look fancy. Many people would pay a lot of money to get a very fancy-looking website design. But that is not the key to success.

A professionally designed website means a functional website. You need to know if your website serves its purpose. If you are an eCommerce store, you do not need a website that does not have Woo-commerce features.

And why would you require Woo-commerce features if your website is just a portfolio? Always remember; that a functional website is important, not fancy-looking.

Number# 5– Your contact information is not updated anymore

Finally the last mistake, but surely it can put off your clients is not having updated contact information. This happens in most cases when companies change their contact email; they usually use Gmail or Yahoo email in the beginning. 

And after creating a website when they move to domain name email, they sometimes forget to update it to their social channels, About Us page, and other places. Consider this an important website optimization point.

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Creating new contact information means you must update it on all channels. Your contact number, email, and even address need to be the same, it is not only good for Local SEO, but also it will make sure people can contact you. Website optimization is not hard, you just need to follow these guidelines.

These were the 5 mistakes that you need to avoid at every cost. It might seem that these are small issues, but they can hit you hard in the long run, if you do not fix them soon.

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