5 Common SEO Misconceptions that will not lead you anywhere- SEO myths to avoid in 2023

When we talk about rankings, we indirectly talk about SEO. The more you want to enhance your rankings the better SEO techniques you are supposed to implement, and vice versa if your website is not ranking quite well, it might be because your SEO methods are not working. Misconceptions about SEO are also rising.

Have you ever stopped for a moment and asked yourself why your SEO methods are no longer working? Is there something you are not applying? Or maybe it is because what you are applying is no longer valid, and is just a myth now…

Let us find out the 5 most common misconceptions about SEO and myths that you should totally avoid in 2023. So, let us get started!

SEO Myth #1: You only require SEO one time

Even though SEO has been with us for a long time, there are people who think SEO is just a one-time thing, or they just need to implement it when they really need it. This is utterly wrong, and your entire business can become vulnerable if you leave implementing SEO.

SEO is an ongoing process, and just like anything else, SEO also requires consistency. Your website always needs to be optimized, and there are just so many things to keep track of, like on-page, the structure of your site, keywords, content optimization, and more!

Not focusing on these things may get you to the beginning and you may have to start over, which is something you cannot afford. This is one of the most common misconceptions about SEO, and we need to end it now.

Interlinking is a part of on-page optimization, and I do not think they are not good for SEO. But it is the fact that most people are only focusing on creating backlinks to give a boost to their articles and posts, even though they are not putting enough value in their content.

Backlinks are important, but so is your content quality. Always make sure to write quality content, and you will start gaining natural links without putting any extra effort.

So, instead of just wasting so much time on creating web 2.0, focus on how you can bring value to your target audience. 

By saying that we do not mean to not create backlinks at all, but just know if your content is not of high quality, then even if you push it with so many links, it will not cut out in the long run.

SEO Myth #3: Keywords stuffing can help your ranking

Many people believe that stuffing keywords into their posts will rank their content. Stuffing many keywords in the same post may signal to Google that your content is searchable via different keywords, but it also confuses Google, all of your pages should only have one focus keyword. 

In the past keyword stuffing used to work, but after Google’s recent update Google made sure that everyone who is doing so will get deranked and might even get penalized. 

Since it worked in the past, some people still believe it will work for them again. But if you want to exist in the long run, and want to build genuine authority in the eyes of Google, then keyword stuffing is not for you.

Also, your keywords should be relevant to your content, do not just add any keyword to gain exposure. If your content is not relevant, even your authentic keywords will not help you. This is also among top SEO misconceptions.

SEO Myth #4: Guest Blogging is no longer valid

Back in 2014, Matt Cutts who is a software engineer at Google announced Guest blogging is done. This created a stir in the SEO field, especially people who had invested in guest blogging became double-minded, and even withdrew from guest blogging.

But in fact Google only targeted black hat guest bloggers, not people who followed best SEO practices. Guest blogging is an ultimate way to increase your exposure and rank higher. As of 2023 guest blogging is still one of the most viable and practical SEO strategies.

As long as you do not use sites that have spammy links, you are safe. Use sites that are providing valuable data, and also your site can provide guest blogging if you are providing valuable content.

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SEO Myth #5: Content Marketing has turned down SEO

SEO misconceptions

Finally, the most common SEO myth for 2023 is the belief that content marketing has overcome SEO, and if you are doing content marketing then you are not needed to implement SEO. This is entirely incorrect.

There is no doubt content marketing owns the market, and it is progressing day by day. But also SEO works side with content marketing. Content marketing requires content, and so long as we talk about content, we must be talking about optimization of the content, which will again take you back in the loop of SEO.

SEO is your friend, there is no way you might want to shake off yourself from it. In fact, your SEO techniques will keep getting robust with time, as you will apply technical SEO. Make sure you keep both sides balanced in order to keep your website running smoothly.

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