5 #tech profiles we follow on Instagram

My Social Interests is the SEO agency that is obsessed with anything technology. We chose our coworking office at Anomaly Montreal because we are surrounded by a lot of tech geeks … such an amazing Tech community.

Below are the 5 #tech profiles we love following on Instagram:

1. @Tech_inventions

They are one of the best ones on our list because they publish a lot of videos and pictures of tech innovations to fix social issues. For instance, the video below demonstrates an eco-friendly bicycle in which there is an extra compartment to help carry any bags or items you have during your ride.


2. @Afro.Tech

It is our ultimate loved one. They mainly post during and for their events. We love the community idea and helping each other with the same passion. We just wish they could come to our city, Montreal. We definitely need to go to the next event on 2020 #2020goals.


3. @Omdenaglobal

Artificial intelligence could be the greatest or the worst thing that happens to us. The way we understand it is that #AI could help us fix many problems such as demonstrated in the video from Omdenaglobal in their IG profile.

This video shows how the engineers created an AI tool as pest control for plantains. This is going to be a major change in the agriculture milieu and we are already in love. Therefore, we follow for more good stuff like this.


4. @Digitaltrends

The IG profile, Digitaltrends, is lit! We just found out about #UberCopter

Well, we heard about it but we just did not think it was yet true. Thanks to digital trends


5. @Superbcrew

Our coup de Coeur for last! If you know a bit about My Social Interests, you would be aware of our master research on the digital transformation of marketing agencies & software companies. The IG profile superbcrew is our online best friend because of all these amazing infographics


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