7 ways to optimize your podcast for Google

We know podcasts and audiobooks are a great way to drive high traffic to your blog. Whether you are running a personal blog or aiming to get traffic to promote your services, podcasts can genuinely help you out. But have you ever stopped for a moment and thought about what Google thinks of your podcast? It does not take much to optimize your podcast!

If your audio podcast is not optimized properly, Google will not rank it. People will not be able to find you, even when they type the keywords that match your podcast program. Running a podcast can be challenging, you need a budget to set up the podcast, and you need to put in your efforts and time to create each episode.

And after doing all that, if you do not get potential listeners, then there is no point in investing so much time! In this article, we are going to discuss the 7 best ways to optimize your podcast. We will see how easily you can optimize it. So, let us get started and see how to optimize podcasts!

how to optimize your podcast

Quality of your podcast

The first thing you want to do to get noticed by Google is to produce quality content. We always encourage quality content as the most important optimization step. Google or any other search engine is hungry for quality content. The higher the quality of your content, the better the chances you have to rank in top results.

Always prefer quality over quantity, Google does not ask you to upload content daily. But as long as the content is rich with quality, you will rank it. The same goes for your podcast. The podcast is audio content, and it should always be fulfilling the requirement of your listeners, it should be problem-solving. Also, make sure that you are using HQ audio, so they do not have trouble understanding. 

Write an engaging title

Creating engaging titles is something very good for your podcast health. If you plan to publish your podcast on different channels such as Spotify, or iTunes, then creating an eye-catching title is very important.

Not only does your CTR improve when you create engaging titles, but also it starts to rank higher when more people click on it. And when it eventually ranks, everyone sees it and will click it. Also never forget to add keywords in your title.

Creating relevant description

Writing a relevant and informative description is very helpful to signal search engines, it includes your metadata, podcast name, and keywords that people are searching for. A description will also tell people what the podcast is about.

In that description you use keywords or tags which are basically the keywords or category users are searching, so never miss it out. It is mandatory to make your podcast searchable.

Focus keyword for each episode

Just like article SEO optimization, podcasts also use focus keywords. And one episode should only be optimized with one keyword. It does not confuse search engines, and there are more chances people will get what they are looking for.

In any other case, people would come and may bounce back, which is not a good thing for both your CTR and optimization health. The same criterion applies, which is to search for low competitive keywords with high search volume.

Add podcast to Google podcast

Google also has a podcast feature where you can add your podcasts. Google is a very powerful search engine. And you should consider yourself lucky that Google has provided you with a podcast option. You should utilize it and make the most out of it. Adding your podcast to Google will open more ways for you to get traffic, and it will give you better exposure. If you are utilizing multiple channels for your podcast, then also use Google podcast.

Create a website for your podcast

Most of you would already have a website along with podcast channels. But if you are one of the people who have been running podcasts for a long time, but still do not own the website. Then now is your time to create a decent website.

podcast optimization tips

It is not mandatory to do so, but if you create a website and link it to your podcast, it can increase your traffic by a great difference. It will send traffic from your blog to podcast, and from podcast to blog, which is a very good thing. If you do not know how to create a website, you can always hire some professionals and get yourself a professional-looking website. 

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Optimize your podcast website

Just like you are optimizing your podcast, make sure your website is also optimized. This will indirectly affect the traffic to your podcast. If your website is searchable, and you have linked podcasts to your website, then definitely people will also come to your podcast. 

But if your website isn’t optimized, then how will they even come to your website, if they cannot find your website in the first place? This is why it is very important that you SEO optimize your website, and make sure it is indexed and searchable. That is how you can optimize podcasts for SEO.

These were the 7 ways to optimize your podcast, make sure you are following all of them. You never know which way will prove to be lucky enough for you to get you plenty of traffic.

These were the 7 best and simple tips to optimize any podcast, apply these methods to optimize your podcast presence.

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