Are you ready to innovate at the cost of losing everything?

Many companies nowadays, whether they are small, medium or large ones, tend to not want to jump into the innovation world because they fear of losing important & expensive assets. However, they do not understand yet, that it is a matter of innovating or die cold in the industry.

Start-ups are blooming in certain industries, especially in technology and marketing. They start with the idea of having nothing to lose, therefore, they try, innovate & go crazy.

Today a good leader is whether a visionary or borderline crazy. We are in an era of change and we should create or recycle better. An example has been provided in Plutora blog on digital transformation, ” The taxi business seemed like an immovable mainstay in metropolitan areas, but Uber introduced innovation that has seriously diminished (or, in some cases, entirely crushed) traditional taxi companies”. It is sad, a lot of people are losing their businesses and their ROI is now lower than before.

Why waiting for an innovative company to destroy yours when you could be the innovative one.

How digital transformation can be done while reducing risks?

Enterprises need to change their business model as soon as possible. Companies need to be transformed into a technology powerhouse to survive the digital revolution. They must do it in the right way and fast to stay competitive.

Their focus must be to deliver value through software applications to their customers faster and more reliably than ever before. Implementing automated processes is already a good start.

Picture taken from Plutora

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