Why are podcasts an effective solution for your blog?

There is no doubt that both blogs and podcasts are great marketing channels. Both of these channels allow you to drive potential audiences and build your loyal fan base with far-reaching effects.

You can also consider them as solid inbound marketing channels. Many great companies are utilizing both podcasts and blogs to garner good customer relationships. This is one of the major reasons why we encourage making use of both of these channels instead of just focusing on one.

According to research conducted from 2018 to 2019, the number of people who listened to podcasts increased to 20 million in the US alone. A significant 14 million rise was seen on a weekly basis.

In this article we are going to shed light on why podcasts are an effective solution for your blog, and what are the benefits of doing podcasts. So, let us get started!

benefits of podcasts

Benefits of using Podcast

Connect emotionally with your audience:

Podcasts build a strong relationship with your customers, when they have a special bonding with you; they start to listen to you every day. You also become the voice for your brand which gradually builds your authority in the market.

You can also tune your podcast with different variations, you can progress things with humor, or any other way you like. This is why people always build a connection with podcasts.

They can always make time to listen:

Also, you become a source of information for your audience; they listen to you wherever they may be, while driving, exercising, walking, or doing chores. 

This helps you reach your audience, unlike in blogs, people would only come to read when they are free. But for podcasts, they can always adjust and make time for it.

They trust you more:

This has been said before, when you build a strong connection with your audience, they start to trust you. And they even trust you with their money. You can talk them into buying something as you may be recommending a product or service to them, and they will take it on a serious note.

The more they trust you, the better chances you have to promote yourself for free, as they share you, and like you. This is also a free growth technique, and when they engage with your content, social media algorithms automatically keep it on top.

Podcast listeners are rapidly growing:

Podcast listeners are growing rapidly, and so are your chances to grow your business. If you work on podcasts, you are monetizing all those people who love listening to audiobooks and podcasts. So, you can increase traffic with podcasts.

If you do not benefit from this opportunity then your business does not exist for all those people who prefer listening to reading, but since you do not have any audio content, they cannot find you.

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Can running podcasts be challenging?

are podcasts challenging to run

Initially setting up a podcast and launching can be challenging. Also, you may find it a little intimidating that you are going live and thousands of people are going to listen to you. 

It also requires time, effort, and money to set it up, but once you get hold of it, you will start to enjoy it as you progress with it. Another initial hurdle would be time taking process, podcasts take time in every way, you brainstorm content, you convert your ideas into topics, and try to use podcasts as a marketing tool

You may also find a gap in the call to action CTR. Podcast people are not highly likely to click on CTA buttons, they may definitely convert but the process takes time, but they may come back later and do it.

2021 Podcasting Stats:

  • Spotify is among the top podcast app
  • 55% USA population is engaged in podcast
  • In 2020 155 million people weekly engaged in podcast 
  • The most popular age group for podcasts listeners has been 25-44
  • On average there were 29 million podcast episodes to explore
  • The average person listened to 7 different podcast programs weekly


We have seen a lot of reasons how a podcast can be effective for your blog, you can send potential traffic to your blog if you just start to make use of the podcast. This will not only build the authority of your blog, whether it is a person or company’s blog, but also it will open the opportunity to close more sales. If you are starting out with your business website, make sure you integrate podcasting too along with blogging.

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