Get Reliable OBM Services By Notion Certified Expert

A lot of people at the beginning of their startups suffer from productivity issues. And that is not just because they lack proper management, but also because they do not have reliable tools to organize their project, hence not making the most out of their business.  Coumba Lbr is a best Online Business Manager (OBM) who not only helps you get through with client management such as client onboarding process, and sales funnel implementation. But also she is Notion certified.

But what is Notion consultation, and how does it help you as a new startup?

What Is Notion?

The Notion is top-notch project management and note-taking software, but that is not all about it. You also use it to organize your work, coordinate deadlines, and set objectives which basically helps you increase your overall efficiency.

If you are also figuring out how to be more productive with your work, then the answer lies within your very own all-in-one Notion workspace dashboard.

How does Coumba Help You Reach Your Business Goals?

Coumba: Online Business Manager

Coumba Lbr is an online business manager (OBM) who has been helping solopreneurs and startups to unlock their full business potential through a reliable Notion system. 

Being an online business manager (OBM) she creates an efficient system which not only allows businesses to scale up and focus on client-facing activities but also helps you build a robust project management tool for your business. 

This program is a perfect fit for you, if you have trouble handling a project, you want to get rid of expensive project management tools or you want to simplify your work by managing everything in just one dashboard.

What Do You Get In Notion Management System?

The best part of her assistance is that you get Full setup implementation that includes Notion advanced systems, depending upon your business requirements.

The complete system includes a workspace along with 1 complex system, you can choose any of the listed systems, including:

  1. CRM page
  2. Contact page
  3. Client dashboard
  4. Recruitment page
  5. Meeting note page
  6. Project planning page
  7. Branded Notion space
  8. Client onboarding process
  9. Client off-boarding process
  10. Social Media planning page
  11. KPI dashboard creation & Metric Analysis
  12. New team member integration and training page

Project Management Services Include:

  • Sales funnel
  • Launch Strategy and Support
  • Throughout Slack and Email Support
  • Sales page/ landing page creation
  • Strong project management tool
  • A beautiful and functional Notion website
  • Complete guidance of Notion software
  • Creation of an efficient system to scale up
  • Revenue Generating Activities: Strategizing and Monitoring

Moreover; Coumba is a Notion certified expert, which is one of the reasons why she is the best at her job. She loves what she does, and she is the best online consultant in Montreal.

Finally the last but worth considering, you get all that Notion system implemented in just a SINGLE DAY! If you are an entrepreneur and you realize the potential of Notion VIP day, then you can unlock it with Coumba Lbr, and that too just in one day.

By the end of the day, you will have your amazing Notion system fully capable of dealing with intense projects, and it can be accommodated to any type of business.

Best of luck! 🙌💖

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