GARMEE Electric Coffee Warmer

Nothing feels like a warm cup of coffee or tea while working, especially when you are used to working late or overtime. Most people would like to take a few sips from their coffee or tea mug while multitasking, and then they would keep it down and forget they even had a coffee to finish. 

This will make their coffee get cold, and nobody wants cold coffee in cold weather, to make things interesting, rather warmer…We have an Electric coffee warmer. Thanks to GARMEE.

GARMEE Electric Coffee Warmer

The GARMEE presents an electric coffee cup warmer that features an auto shut off, you can keep your cup on it and after reaching adequate temperature its energy-efficient design will automatically shut it off. This will not only keep you safe from any mishap, but also it will save energy.

GARMEE Electric Coffee Warmer

Dual Warming Modes:

It comes with two temperature settings, the first mode lets you reach 40℃ and the other mode will make it even warmer, which is up to 60℃. You will have two different light indicators blue and red for both temperature modes. 

The warmer does not boil your beverages, so you might not want to expect it to boil like an electric kettle or oven. But it will be enough to keep your drinks warm, and you will enjoy beverages, especially in the cold weather.

Glass Surface Water-Resistant Design:

The design of The GARMEE electric warmer is pretty graceful, both suitable for personal space or office use, the warmer has a 4.2” inches base which is enough to place different types of mugs and cups.

The design includes a water-resistant glass surface that can be wiped easily and is also waterproof. So even if something is spilled, you can clean it easily. Moreover; the build quality of The GARMEE electric warmer is also very good, it features alloy material that is durable.

Safe to use:

The GARMEE electric warmer has a touch start switch which makes it very comfortable to start and shut it off, you just need to press lightly on the screen and it will start operating.

The device does not have any flames or fire ignition, so you can keep it anywhere without having to worry about fire spread. The inside mechanism just works as an electric heater, which is safer, energy-efficient, and fast.

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The GARMEE electric warmer is the best affordable coffee warmer; you would be amazed at its performance. Not only is the quality superb, but also it is quite affordable. You can get it for under $40, which is very reasonable.

Also; this is the best gift idea for your loved ones, especially for the people who keep sitting at their desks and working. This would be the perfect gift showing your care and affection.

If you are a coffee lover, or you know someone who is, then this best GARMEE electric beverage warmer is for you!


  • Weight ‎240 g
  • Dimension 18.8 x 13.97 x 3.3 cm
  • Material Aluminum alloy
  • Automatic shut-off: yes 


  • Affordable
  • Easy wipe off
  • Graceful design
  • Water-resistant
  • Auto shut off to save energy
  • Two different temperature setting


  • Cannot boil beverages like an oven
  • Cold beverage takes time to get warm