MTL E-commerce reached their 50th event: Did you miss it?

Last June 27th at Taverne modern restaurant in Montreal, there was the 50th event of MTL E-commerce the non-profit organization that does the largest monthly e-commerce and digital marketing events. The event was about the Best Ecommerce Practices 2018 in SEO, PPC, and UX. As an SEO campaign manager at Yellow Pages, I was more than interested to be surrounded by these marketing gurus.

The main organizers are Ambroise Debret and Melissa Proust. Ambroise is co-founder at Make it Run, a website that boosts runners’ motivation and helps them stay fit. Ambroise Debret is also a growth hacker, passionate about optimization. He tests, creates and optimizes system to help you achieve a 10X life. Mélissa Proust has 10 years of experience in ecommerce and marketing with a a 360 degree profile and a passion for innovation and new technologies, she wears various hats that allow her to always add value to her customers. She has been organizing MTL + ECOMMERCE with the objective of sharing knowledge.

During the 50th event, there were three presentations with 5 brilliant panelists. It was a very diverse panel including most of the important aspects of online marketing. What I found interesting about this event is that the speakers knew well their topic and you were able to learn so much in few hours.

 Perrine Vin and Jean François Poulin talked about Ecommerce UX.

Jean-François and Perrine are all about user experience without the need of human intervention. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) machine, Tout Le Monde UX (TLMUX) gets out of the black box and create emotional link with human beings.

My favorite presentation by Agustin Vazquez-Levi who presented on “SEO News for 2018 such as mobile & voice search.”

Augustin spoke about Rankbrian which is a machine learning (AI) algorithm that Google uses to sort the search results. It helps Google understands better the search queries by the users. As mentioned, during the presentation, compared to Google engineers, RankBrain is better at predicting the #1 result that users click on more often. It important aspect with this AI learning machine is that it calculates the CTR (Click through Rate) of organic searches. Are users really clicking to the search?  

 Mustafa Syed from iProspect who introduced their “One Search” strategy with its synergies between SEO and PPC

Mustafa talked about a unified vision of search. As an SEO Campaign manager, I found this concept very interesting. Instead of working on the two products separately, we could unify the data and add more value. The goal would be to help customers find what they are looking for. During the presentation, he specified that 35 % of traffic comes from organic searches and 30% comes from paid search.

Then, the last one is the Founder of Lounge by MTL Newtech, Raff Paquin who is also the founder of the application Return Magic.

NewTech is a smooth, trouble-free shopping return solution that will ensure greater customer loyalty and make shopping easier for everyone! The co-founder Guillaume Racine and Raff Paquin took advantage of their experiences at Amazon and Frank + Oak, to design Return Magic specifically for the Shopify platform. During the presentation, Raff explained how Return Magic is one of the most powerful apps in Shopify’s app store, and it helps merchants allocate more time to what really matters to their customers.


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