3 Important Tools To Monitor Traffic And Website Growth

If you are still wondering how to increase your website traffic free, then it is time you get across these most prominent yet free marketing tools to grow your website. The best part is these tools are provided by Google itself, so you can totally place your bets on it.

We will be talking about Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and some amazing Reporting tools. We will also discuss how you can measure the average website traffic growth rate, so let us get started!


Power of Google Analytics

Google analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most popular CRO marketing tools, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is a technique that is all about uplifting the percentage of your website visitors. 

There might be several ways to increase the traffic on your website, but you cannot do that if you are not equipped with any powerful CRO tool. As the best CRO tool, Google Analytics lets you decide what to do with your current audience on your website.

Certain people on the website take different actions, and your audience will be scattered on different pages. And to know which keywords are performing better, you will certainly need an insider look.

Conversion optimization starts from analytical reports and data, if you are lagging behind data then you probably will not be able to come up with a solution to increase website traffic. 

CRO techniques also help you with monitoring traffic from social media channels such as; Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Linked-in, and more, and GA is the most capable and sought-after tool which enables you to do that, which is why these are best tools to grow your website.

Major benefits of using Google Analytics:

  • Enhance website ranking
  • Have solid data visualization
  • Plan ahead of your future goals
  • You can improve the bounce rate
  • Learn about your target audience
  • Discover which platform fuels your audience


Google Search console

Google Search console

GSC (Google Search Console) is also better known as Google’s webmaster tool. It is one of the most important search optimization tools that help you with measuring SEO performance, keywords impressions, backlinks, and clicks. 

But that is not just all about Google search console. Unlike Google Analytics, the GSC tool also helps you analyze your website performance. You can monitor if your website is confronting any crawling issues, loading speed errors, broken links, and more! 

Signing up for GSC is as easy as drinking cool water in summer; Google has kept the process very simple. You just need to sign up with your Google account and verify the ownership of your website, and that is about it.

Major benefits of using Google Analytics:

  • Fixing website errors
  • Monitor link reports closely
  • Get crawled and indexed fast
  • Improving your search visibility
  • Keep a close eye on your website performance


Best Reporting tools to grow your website

reporting tool

Finally the last but definitely worth your attention is reporting. A reporting tool is something you will always use to gather necessary information like your keyword rankings, your traffic, and other key metrics.

 But on top of that, the reporting tool will merge all the information in one place so you do not have to look at them separately. This is why it is one of the essential growth marketing tools.

There are different reporting tools and most of them allow you to connect your Google Analytics and Google search console along with other powerful tools. Some of the best reporting tools are given below;

Best reporting tools:

  • Zoho Analytics 
  • Pro Workflow
  • Thought-Spot
  • Power BI
  • What A-Graph

These are the tools to grow your website potentially. You can use any of the mentioned reporting tools, but make sure they suit your requirements and merge all the other important tools’ data for you. That is about it. This is how to increase website traffic for free in 2022. 

How to measure average website traffic growth rate

You can easily keep track of your website traffic growth rate if you subtract the number of new users last month from the new users in the current month. 

After that just divide that result by the new users in the past month and multiply it by 100 to convert it into a percentage. This will give you an accurate number of how many users have increased or decreased based on your website performance. You can use this formula to measure the average website traffic growth rate.

[Current month new users – Previous month new users] / Previous month new users X 100 = % Website Traffic Growth Rate

Formula to calculate your website traffic growth rate

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