Would you define the Millennials as the generation which think outside the box?

We, the millennial generation grew up thinking that we can do anything as long as we want it, which is by far a very good thing. However, big projects like becoming a successful writer, being famous in Hollywood, discovering a cure for cancer, having peace in the entire world, getting a complete feminist world, solving world hunger, etc. are all great ideas which take a lot of time and harder to achieve. If we set our goals to achieve them all, we will be automatically disappointed.

One thing that makes us awesome is that we redefine success instead of trying to find it. Society has thought us that to be successful we need to be lawyers, businessmen (not businesswomen), engineers and medical doctors. But wait a minute, if you are not one of those, aren’t you successful? Our generation knows great authors, awesome IT developers, creative & innovative people, stunning models who portray diversity in the media and many more.

Let us not forget about probably useless people like the Kardashians who are famous & Kanye West who used to be my man but I believe…yeah people change… , but, let’s put that aside… The idea is that to be successful nowadays, we do not need to only be lawyers, medical doctors and magnificent businessmen. We now have as many women as possible who are into business and who are slaying everyday.

Our Millennial generation grew up with the creation of internet and mostly social media platforms that has completely changed the world. We have been criticized as the generation who did not play outside as much as our grand-parents and parents when they were younger. Totally agreed that we need to have a balance, but “hey, who are our parents?” So funny that most of us realized that social media has taken over our life and we know how to disconnect once in a while by hiding ourselves to the woods. However, our parents… tend to ask us often the following questions ” Wow, how did you get so many likes?” & “Can I get as many likes as this”

Who remember connecting to the internet through the phone and being yelled by their parents because they needed to make a phone call? I do !!! By then, it was balanced, we knew we could have the internet for a certain amount of time.

A very easy question… What did you think we were doing with the computer & internet back then?

I remember making blogs with Myspace and other random platforms. I wish I could find my first website that I called Sexygyal13 #LOL

Guess, where I am working full-time now? A marketing agency! And what is the company I am developing? Hmmmm… an E-publishing house ! Let’s say it was my duty call!

So please, we did not waste our time back then! It was the good days….but it feels like I just did not change much… I still spend hours working on my website and creating social media platforms #Justathought

Now, with the internet not being the same thing as before but even more social and our life is way too much of an open book, I do understand that our generation is in need of a safe place. Can the internet be a complete safe place? NO!

Nowhere is a complete safe place. You just need to have the right people with you who have similar interests and visions.

My Social Interests publishing house is a safe place to make you believe in your dreams, help you get more social and redefine social change.

We are a team of sociologists who wish to redefine social concepts and to break molds.

Be part of the movement today by simply sending us your ideas, articles pitches, research papers which will be edited into trendy articles.

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Redefine your community with us using our digital platforms! #BetheTrend

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