Qu’est-ce-que-l’internet québécois?

Aujourd’hui je vais vous parler du texte de M. Roberge et de M. Grenon nommé «De l’internet, du Québec, et de l’internet Québécois, essai sur les nouveaux modes de régulation numérique de la culture» et profiter pour vous parler des

3 Facts That Technology Affected Our Social Life

With the emergence of social media and artificial intelligence, technologies are becoming slowly an important part of our life.  Technologies such as airplanes, cars, the internet and more are able to overcome the obstacles of time and space. These tools

The Evolution of Digital Comics

If you are familiar with manga or anime, you must be a huge fan of Japanese culture. This is how powerful and appealing their stories are that even in countries as far as Canada, these comics have a huge following.

What to know before selecting your e-commerce platform for your online store !

Credits: chcentralmich If you were to open a brick and mortar store, one of the first things that you would scout for would be a great location. This can spell the difference between the success and failure of your establishment.

Qu’entendons-nous par l’intellectualité moderne ?

  Mes intérêts sociaux, la version française du blogue My Social Interests, a le plaisir de vous inviter au CIDIHCA, un Centre de Documentation International, Haïtienne, Caraibéenne et Afro-Canadienne pour une belle occasion de réseautage, le 19 août à 18

La nostalgie des 90s Kid

Credits: Metro Another article on PokemonGo everyone ! First and foremost, it is important to portray PokemonGo intense success as a nostalgic phenomenon, because most of the players are 90s kids. Of course, non-90s kids are playing this as well but

Technologies: The Result of What We Make of Them

  Credits: Biospectrumindia Credits:TelegraphCreative Shaping Communication Networks: Telegraph, telephone, Computer-Technology  We certainly cannot live without technology nowadays. As Nye cited," technology is only an instrument and we do not always know how to use it" ( p.66 ).  He argues