Let’s dance Bollywood in Montreal !

It is originally from India, a dance form used in Indian movies . Like most of dances, it is a mix of several styles together; such as belly-dancing, Kathak, Indian folk and modern jazz.    Can we dance Bollywood in

What to know before selecting your e-commerce platform for your online store !

Credits: chcentralmich If you were to open a brick and mortar store, one of the first things that you would scout for would be a great location. This can spell the difference between the success and failure of your establishment.

Qu’entendons-nous par l’intellectualité moderne ?

  Mes intérêts sociaux, la version française du blogue My Social Interests, a le plaisir de vous inviter au CIDIHCA, un Centre de Documentation International, Haïtienne, Caraibéenne et Afro-Canadienne pour une belle occasion de réseautage, le 19 août à 18

La nostalgie des 90s Kid

Credits: Metro Another article on PokemonGo everyone ! First and foremost, it is important to portray PokemonGo intense success as a nostalgic phenomenon, because most of the players are 90s kids. Of course, non-90s kids are playing this as well but

My Minimalist Journey #Detox

Credits: Minimalist Today, I made an important decision in my life by becoming a minimalist ! Some of you who knows me understands how I roll...and I can do 3000000 things at the same time. This means, I am far away

Because It’s World Autism Awareness Month

Credits: Icare4autism Autism is described as a developmental disability that affects both verbal and non-verbal communication, social interactions with others, and the ability to think in creative or abstract ways (Woolfolk, Winne, & Perry, 2016). Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Why did I start blogging on Social Issues?

Credits: Aprettycoollife I LOVE IT ! You know what they say... find a job you like and you will never work a day of your life. So far, I do not remember the last time I worked :P I wanted

Tips and Tools For Your Research Papers

Credits: andrewcookbarbering They are not all meant to be followed in a specific order. Write out your concern or issue as one question or many (make sure they are sentences with a question mark at the end). Note that a single