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Mass media

Mass media Montreal Stories August 11, 2015 Young Adults Search of Identity in Night Clubs

Young adults are willing to establish and maintain social networks while finding romantic or sexual relationships in nightclubs and bars Their expectancies in these public milieu depend on the social groups, music type, money and nightclubs/bars services. Young adults use nightclubs as a transitional phase from youth to an independent adult identity in an urban milieu. …

Gender Mass media Mode Stereotypes August 10, 2015 Fashion From The Victorian Age to the Sixties

Fashion is always influenced by how we see and define femininity and masculinity. From the Victorian age to the Sixties, one woman’ and man’ body is characterized by society. We live in societies in which we learn from the very beginning how to express our femininity or masculinity. Finally, fashion innovates throughout time because of those …

Gender Mass media Relationship August 6, 2015 Monogamy VS Polygamy

Definition of Marriage Monogamy and polygamy are the two types of marriages in which the norms differ in each society. Marriage is defined as the union of two people, whether of the same sex or of opposite sexes, who commit to romantically loving and caring for each other and to sharing the burdens and benefits …

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