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Entrepreneurship Featured Minimalist Mode August 6, 2018 10 Artisan-Made Home Decor Brands For The Conscious Home

Ethically-Crafted Home Decor For The Modern Home There is nothing that makes a house feel like a home more than filling it with the people we love and the simple things that tell the story of thoughtful craftsmanship. These brands are pioneering what it means to make globally inspired, expertly designed goods for the home …

Lifestyle Mass media Minimalist Montreal Stories April 15, 2016 My Minimalist Journey #Detox

Credits:¬†Minimalist Today, I made an important decision in my life by becoming a minimalist ! Some of you who knows me understands how I roll…and I can do 3000000 things at the same time. This means, I am far away from having a very simple and stable life ! This is going to be an …