Would you define the Millennials as the generation which think outside the box?

  We, the millennial generation grew up thinking that we can do anything as long as we want it, which is by far a very good thing. However, big projects like becoming a successful writer, being famous in Hollywood, discovering

Modernisation : Synonyme d’occidentalisation?

Aujourd'hui on a une super question à vous poser! Pensez-vous que la modernisation soit synonyme d'occidentalisation? Ce qui signifie que seul l'Occident peut être perçu comme moderne ! Moi personnellement, je dis non. Je pense que chaque culture évolue à

Mangez les fruits – C’est cool !

  Inclure plus de fruits dans votre quotidien En toute honneté, j'ai appris à manger les fruits à l'âge adulte ! J'étais incapable de savourer un fruit, peu importe lequel, parce que je trouvais que ça prenait beaucoup d'effort à

The desire to control women sexuality

In 1830s and 1840s, the sexual repressive belief system has been delineated by making people react badly to sexual activities; the "Puritanism" has began in America during the last stages of preindustrial commercial  capitalism, when most people were leaving for

Premier jouet éducatif pour les enfants Trans !

  Enfin, le premier jouet éducatif pour les enfants Trans ! Enfants transgenre Canada a comme mission d'éduquer les gens de partout et d'ailleurs sur les questions d'identité de genre. Le fameux Sam est un nouveau jouet éducatif conçu pour

Tyranny of the clock in the human lives

Credits : Wonderful engineering    The clock structures the human's life and obliges them to do everything in a certain amount of time (Woodcock 101). Time tends to dictate and inhibit man's actions. For instance, " Time as duration became disregarded,

La nostalgie des 90s Kid

Credits: Metro Another article on PokemonGo everyone ! First and foremost, it is important to portray PokemonGo intense success as a nostalgic phenomenon, because most of the players are 90s kids. Of course, non-90s kids are playing this as well but

Technologies: The Result of What We Make of Them

  Credits: Biospectrumindia Credits:TelegraphCreative Shaping Communication Networks: Telegraph, telephone, Computer-Technology  We certainly cannot live without technology nowadays. As Nye cited," technology is only an instrument and we do not always know how to use it" ( p.66 ).  He argues