Éthique du pouvoir

Le corps est l’outil humain par le biais duquel l’individu se crée un espace relationnel et interactionnel qui fonde sa vie quotidienne et son existence sociale toute entière. Il est l’évidence ultime qui affirme la présence de l’être dans un

Why did I start blogging on Social Issues?

Credits: Aprettycoollife I LOVE IT ! You know what they say... find a job you like and you will never work a day of your life. So far, I do not remember the last time I worked :P I wanted

Jungle Fever: A Study on Interracial Dating

  Credits: twofacedfacts Couples with different types of ethnicities have positive and negative sides. In an interesting way, this topic interprets a new trend in our world, in which many communities oppose their integration in any other different ones.  Therefore, they prefer to interact

Gender Roles, State Corruption & Violence

Credits: Google  Since its release in 2005, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has sky-rocketed to international success and has been followed by the unavoidable film adaptations making it one of the most discussed novels in recent times. The main plot

Fashion From The Victorian Age to the Sixties

Fashion is always influenced by how we see and define femininity and masculinity. From the Victorian age to the Sixties, one woman' and man' body is characterized by society. We live in societies in which we learn from the very beginning

Monogamy VS Polygamy

Definition of Marriage Monogamy and polygamy are the two types of marriages in which the norms differ in each society. Marriage is defined as the union of two people, whether of the same sex or of opposite sexes, who commit