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Français Montreal Stories News Testimonials August 8, 2016 21 Balancoires at Quartier des Spectacles!

Credits: GenericDesign by Rose Betit Play: that’s what it’s like in this area of Montréal, where the streets and open areas are alive with music, events, and interactive displays (most of them free) for residents of Montréal and visitors alike, no matter the season. One of my favorite interactive displays is “21 Balancoires” (21 Swings). …

Education Testimonials May 23, 2016 Your life is bigger than just one experience

Credits: ModernAgesSpirituality It took me time to understand that we can be so focused on one bad experience we have had in our past. When we think this way, we have the tendency of always making bad choices in our life. Our vision keeps being negative and inside of us is full of angriness. Therefore, breaking …