Digital Sociology


We have discovered a mixed of two wonderful fields which we are very passionate about, Sociology, the scientific study of society, and, Marketing, the business of promoting services & products.


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Definition of Digital sociology

It is a sub-discipline of the academic field of Sociology which demonstrates how social media and various technologies are affecting our everyday life as well as our culture. It focuses on interpreting the use of digital media and how technologies contribute to patterns of human behavior, social relationships and concept of the self. Moreover, it provides information on the history of writing, printing, internet from the past to today. It constantly studies the action and reaction of the people towards new technologies. Our article Technology: The Results of what we Shape them, indicates well as how they are spread in our society based on social, gender and economical issues.

This field is the evolution of, Sociology, which has faded in the past few years. Sociologists, had to personally engage in using social media for professional practice, such as blogging. Besides, sociologists have addressed many social issues related to online communities and cyberspace based on these several names such as ‘cybersociology’, ‘the sociology of the internet’, ‘the sociology of online communities’, ‘the sociology of social media’, ‘the sociology of cyberculture’

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