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Vision behind MSI Digital

Annick Bissainthe is the founder of MSI Digital. She started MSI (My Social Interests) Digital marketing company back in 2014. She has always been inspired by how right SEO strategies can potentially help businesses increase their growth, especially the small businesses that face challenges in starting. 

Annick lives in Canada, She has been working as a Search Engine Optimization expert since 2014, and there she provided online business growth services. She loves helping businesses, and for that she has come up with many strategies, and SEO plans including FREEBIES. In 2020, right before the pandemic, she even started her own podcast on Immigrant Dilemmas and already reached 1K listeners with just a couple of episodes.

MSI Digital is a Canadian based company. Whether you are looking for SEO for a website or for your Podcast, you will find MSI Digital a reliable SEO Services Firm in Vancouver, Montreal Qc, and Seattle Wa.

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A short guide on how to improve on-page SEO

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