MSI Digital is a dedicated SEO agency in Montreal that is focused on helping businesses find their online presence. We see zest in new startups and we know you can potentially grow too.

We believe in organic and long term results where businesses, especially the new startups do not have to spend a huge budget, which is why we always encourage people to go along with a secure roadmap, where results are promising.

With 8 years of hands-on experience on complex SEO projects and business growth strategies, MSI is now stretching out a helping hand and reaching everyone, especially the small businesses. 

We are offering podcast growth strategy and SEO Mini guide completely FREE. Regardless of which industry you belong to, your business can always get benefitted from our podcast and SEO optimization guide.

Why Does Your Business Need a Growth Strategy?

Who is our SEO guide for?​

If you are a motivated and an ambitious entrepreneur who is ready to take action, then congratulations, our FREE mini SEO strategy guide is FOR YOU. All it takes is to be passionate enough to acquire knowledge and learn new skills. We will share our experience with you, so you can feel more confident and comfortable around your market.

Our FREEBIE Content Includes​

SEO Checklist


SEO checklist is an easy way to understand and implement important SEO factors.

Podcast Growth Strategy

If you are a podcaster, you need our secret podcast growth strategy to get high traffic.

A Comprehensive E-book Guide

Our comprehensive E-book guide covers pain points for small startups and how you can overcome them.
Online entrepreneur network

Join our online entrepreneur network Facebook group and connect with like-minded individuals passionate about pursuing their dreams, taking risks, and creating successful online businesses.

We offer informative webinars, virtual workshops, guest speakers, and success stories to keep you updated on the latest trends, strategies, and tools.

Don't wait any longer! Embark on a transformative journey with fellow go-getters, inspiring, learning, and celebrating together as we build our dreams. See you on the inside!

Why do you need a website? ​

Without having a proper website you cannot unlock the full potential of your business. There are still many people who have not created websites, and just because they manage their clients on Instagram and other social channels, they miss out on a huge amount of traffic.

You never want to be like that and miss out on a huge and a potential traffic chunk that is highly likely to give you sales. Moreover; creating a website is not only cost-effective but also it is a successful marketing tool.