Have you included physical activities in your self-care routine?


Have you ever heard the saying that you get what you work for? That concept it totally relevant in all aspects of life. At this moment we will apply that concept to working out or simply being physically active. The most common reasons why people don’t participate in physical activities are lack of time, lack of knowledge on how to or what to do, lack of companionship or fear of being judged.

Those are all reasons we can relate to. However there’s always a solution. It’s no secret that being physically active can be have amazing health benefits. How about the emotional and mental benefits as well.

When we are physically active, whether it be at the gym,playing a sport or enjoying a hike, our bodies release a hormone call Endorphins which is the feel good hormone. When we feel good doesn’t everything around us seem more enjoyable? Our level of stress decreases and our level of joy and happiness increases. Win win!
From personal experience, the greatest benefit of being physically active is the way you see and feel about yourself.

Your physical strength and endurance improves with time according to how much time and effort you put into your activities. Being able to do something you weren’t able to do just a month prior is one of the greatest feeling of accomplishment. It gives you the motivation you need to continue and the courage to try new things.

Here are my simple steps to stay active:

1- Set small and realistic goals

Don’t look too far ahead, set goals for small time frame approximately 3 months at a
time. Don’t overwhelm yourself, at first aim to do your activity 2-3 times a week.

Example: I will lose 10 pounds in the next three months

2- Allocate a specific time slots and location to do you activities

If you’re tired or just not in the mood it will be easier to still follow through if you
already have a plan on when and where to do your activity.

3- Prepare prepare prepare

Pack your bag and set out your clothes the night before.

4- Keep track of your activities

Keep a fitness journal or calendar so you will know if you’re actually sticking to your
plan or not.

5- Participate in actives you truly enjoy.

Exercise is not a punishment, it’s a celebration of the things your body can do so have fun
with it.

6- DO IT FOR YOU!!!!!



Chastitie is a full time Nurse Clinician in the Cardiovascular
Intensive Care Unit and a health and fitness enthusiast. She enjoys
working out in the gym, boxing, kick boxing, yoga and hiking. As an
active member of the Montreal Black community, she advice and
encourage others to achieve their personal fitness goals. She is also
Miss Montreal Carnival Queen 2018.
Instagram: chas_fitspiration