Have you Thought of Police Brutality in Canada?


An incident happened during the Formula 1 week-end in Montreal where a police officer pepper sprayed a couple honking during traffic as well as the man who was filming. A short video of the incident was shared on Facebook and garnered a few hundred thousand views before being taken down. This online video showing a police officer pepper spraying a man in his car during Grand Prix weekend has sparked an internal investigation within the Montreal police as mentioned in the Global News

Police Brutality is a topic with many different layers. The abuse of power is real in our world and some people just take advantage of their privilege to make things worst. It happens in North America and elsewhere. We have to talk about it and aim for a change for it to stop happening.

It needs to stop!

We are humans and need to be treated the same way with respect. People in power need to start understanding that they are in a position where they can make a change instead of disturbing society with these heartbroken situations, especially, for the victim’s family, friends, classmates and acquaintances. Sadly, USA is the leading world power; if they can do it, I hope that other countries will not follow. Canada, we are supposed to be better than our fellow neighbor #LetsDoBetter

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