Have You Thought of Recycling your Research Papers Online?


My Social Interests Online Publishing house consider you have worked a lot for your research papers throughout your semester. We believe that it should not go to waste when the session is done. Therefore, thinking about publishing your research papers could be the best thing you could do during your school year. The great news is that you barely have to do anything. We take care of  publishing, editing & shortening your research papers into trendy articles.

We are research students and understand all the effort put into writing an essay just to get a grade.

Why not maximizing your effort by publishing with us today !

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We have been publishing many of our research papers for three years now and we can assure you that it is an awesome feeling when reading our articles online under our name. The beauty of it all is that we provide you so many options, you can whether publish under your name then if you are not yet comfortable we can publish under mysocialinterest while mentioning your name or acronym within the article content. Moreover, it is a trendy way to make your family and friends proud.

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Our goal is to transfer the knowledge gained throughout university to the world while making a brand out of your name. Being Trendy & Smart at the same time, who said research should be boring!

Our procedures are super easy.

Please read the important steps below

1- Upload your research paper below while describing your vision.

We assure to keep your perspective when editing your work. Please feel confident to let us know all about your topic idea.

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2- Read our flexible guidelines

We love positive vibes within our articles. Essays about a social issue you care, a social experience which shapes you into the person you are today, social experiences you are living to this day, research on a taboo topic, research on trendy social topics, advice pieces to inform others on different lifestyles and many more…

Please see some of our categories:

  1. News
  2. Observations
  3. Education: History, Economy, Sociology, Anthropology, Business, Languages, Marketing, Digital studies,etc.
  4. Entertainment: Art, Fashion & Travel
  5. Stereotypes: Relationship, Gender & Race.
  6. Human Rights
  7. Entrepreneurship 
  8. Montreal Stories

Tone is everything! Your tone should be accessible, inspiring, informative, educational, and generally positive. We tend to not have a harsh social position in our articles in order to not attack any social or religious groups: Respect is our mantra.

We do not accept research papers that have been plagiarized. We take author credits very seriously. 

We accept research papers in French & English

Please note that our goal is to create a positive online community in which we facilitate each other go through hard times.  Help our readers grow and feel inspired.

You can be the change you wish to see in this world!

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3- Trust our content editing & advertising strategy for the resurrection of your research paper

After receiving your research paper, please give us 3 to 5 business to come up with a content & advertising strategy. We will make you that you research paper comes back to life while advertising it through our social media platforms (Instagram & Facebook)

We will be sending you an email with all the important information before publication.

We are very open to new ideas

Never hesitate to send us your work !

Let’s begin !