How to Create the Best SEO Strategy for 2023? SEO Guide

If you own a blog, or anything digital, then there are chances you have heard of the term SEO already. We already know that SEO can potentially help us get more customers, help us get ranked higher, and even SEO can help our online business to generate more leads and sales.

But SEO only helps us when we are backed up with the best SEO strategy, as it defines parameters and custom ways to help us rank better. Every business has different requirements, and achieving its SEO strategy is mandatory. 

Let us discuss what SEO strategy is.

What is an SEO Strategy and how does it help?

SEO strategy

SEO Strategy is the process of setting up a website and optimizing it for search engines by making sure that the content that appears on the page is up to the mark for the search engine’s algorithm.

However; you will need to do some research before you start, as well as understand how Google works and what keywords people are using to find your business.

Once you have done this, you can start working on your content. This involves writing down everything you can think of that relates to your business, whether it is an article, blog post or some other content page. Also, content marketing considerably supports your SEO strategy.

You should also try and write in a way that people can understand easily, so they will want to read through your content and hopefully click on links within it. 

What is Mobile SEO Strategy?

SEO strategy guide for 2023

Mobile SEO is one of the important aspects of SEO strategy; it ensures that the content on your website is optimized for both desktop and mobile users. It would not be fair if mobile users are not able to see the content as well as desktop users can see.

Concerning Google, mobile optimization becomes the most important ranking factor. Google follows mobile-first indexing which means it will first index the mobile version of your website, and then move toward the desktop version.

This tells us how important mobile SEO has become; let’s shed light on the other important aspects of an SEO strategy.

Making a list of topics/Seed Keywords

Have you ever heard of the term seed keywords? Before diving into actual keyword research one must know the seed keywords. Your entire keyword research is actually based on the seed keywords, for example, if your online website is about selling display monitors, then your seed keywords can be, “best TV monitors“, “Best LED monitors“, “best display monitor reviews“, and more. 

All you need to do is punch in the basic idea and then extend the keyword research based on these keywords. You can also use different tools for that, such as; Google keyword planner, a paid tool like Ahref, or SEM rush. 

And if you do not want to use any tool, you can also use Google suggest a method, just type your keyword in the Google search bar and see what type of keywords Google is suggesting to you. 

Usually, the seed keywords are short tails, meaning they are only one to two words, like “LED monitors”, and “display monitor”. These seed keywords will then serve as the pillar of your keyword research! But first thing is to find topic or seed keywords and make a list of them.

Create a Longtail list using seed keywords

Now it is time to create a list of long-tail keywords using the seed keywords or topics you created in step 1. To identify or create long tail keywords using your seed keywords you must use a good SEO tool, there are several tools that can help you identify the best long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords also ensure that you rank for them easily, and also the intent is much more clear, so you are highly likely to target your specific audience. Short tail keywords such as; “SEO”, “Health”, and “Driving”, these keywords have higher volume but they are much harder to rank for and also these are not favourable, since it is not clear what the user wants.

Before you start creating content, make sure you have specific keywords for your niche, even if the keywords have a lower volume, you will be attracting the right audience.

Build different Pages for every topic

After researching long tail keywords that you want to rank for, start assigning them to your page. It is quite hard to rank for all the different keywords, but if you use the right and related keywords, a group of keywords, then you can rank for them.

Use your related keywords, and pillar keywords to rank for a page. Also, you need to create pillar pages, just like you have a set of important keywords, you will have a set of important pages, each page will have its unique products or offerings, it not only will make it easier for Google to rank you, but also you can divide the process into different steps.

Set up your blog

The blog is the most essential page of your website where usually you would like to share content in the form of different posts. Blogging is a great way to connect to your audience, as your website visitors would love to know or read more from you, and blogging is a great place to do that.

Also, blogs can help you rank on Google, allowing your website to get unique and organic traffic. So, make sure your website has a blog where you can start posting with consistency. Remember these tips while writing a blog;

Do not add a keyword that you want to rank for too many times, it will be considered as keyword stuffing, and you might get penalized for that. Try to link your main pages in your blog content, you can do it from both the tags or anchor text.

Post your blogs with consistency

Posting a wide variety of topics inside your niche is a wise thing to do, but make sure you post blogs with consistency. If in the beginning, you cannot keep up with the frequency of blog posts, that is the number of blogs per week or per month, it is still okay, but make sure you do not violate the consistency of posting them.

Another thing you can do is create a content strategy which will define what type of topics you want to curate and when you want to publish them. Once you make the strategy, stick to it and see which topics are giving you good results.

Link building is an off-page SEO technique which helps your website to increase authority and even get traffic. Link building is as important as any other on-page SEO factor. However, make sure to not build links which are not quality links and are based on web 2.0 only.

Google does not like that you keep creating links in order to boost your rankings, in fact, the best strategy should be to create a high-value content so related websites would give you natural links.

You can also reach different bloggers and write for them in order to generate a backlink to your website, but make sure you reach a relevant category website.

Make sure to reduce the media size before you upload them

If you are posting blogs with consistency, then you will also be uploading images in your blogs, and perhaps videos too in some cases. But if you do not take care of the image size, then very soon it will have a huge portion occupied by the large size. It can slow down your website, and your visitors will also be using more bandwidth than they should.

The best way to solve this is to make sure your images have a reduced size before you upload it to your blog. If you are using a WordPress website, then you can use different plugins to reduce the image size in bulk too, like “Smush”.

But the best practice is to reduce size first before uploading it. You can use website to reduce the size of images.

SEO is an ever-evolving field, there are so many tools and new features that we encounter every other day.  SEO is always meant for search engines, and even Google is updating their search engine policies, and as an SEO analyst, it is important to follow the best practices. 

And you can only do it if you are aware of the stay trends. To stay updated on new SEO trends and policies, you can follow these resources;

Keep track of your success: Monitoring

Make sure your SEO strategy is followed by monitoring and reporting, without monitoring the results, you will not be able to enhance or change your SEO strategy according to the requirement.

There are several analytical tools that you can use to track your website traffic and other related data, one of the most used and preferred tools is Google Analytics. 

Also, you need Google Search Console if you want to take a closer look at the keywords, traffic and some issues that might be stopping you from ranking. If you see better results after monitoring, repeat those things, or further enhance them.

Also, you can create a report of your result and send the report to an SEO expert so he can monitor the result for you, or suggest something better.

What are the best SEO examples/practices?

2023 SEO guide

To make sure your content marketing strategy is successful, follow these best SEO practices.

Write a good Meta Description:

A Meta description and a Meta title are two of the most important things on page the. You do not see them on your website, but Google sees them, and also when your website appears on the search engine result pages, you can see your written Meta description as a snippet.

Make sure it is compelling and provides comprehensive information about your page, product, or blog post. It will increase the CTR (Click through Rate) and also if you include keywords in your Meta data, you are more likely to rank for it.

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Make sure your web pages are loading fast:

A good time for your website or webpage to load is within 3 seconds, if it is more than that, it is time to optimize and fix your website speed. There are tools which you can use to test the page load speed for both desktop and mobile. With the help of a tool, once you find out the issues with your webpage that is making it load slower, you can fix them, or hire a developer who can help you fix the issues.

Concentrate on local SEO:

If you are providing any online service or selling a product then it is in your best interest to focus on local SEO.  Local SEO improves the visibility of your business in local searches. And in most cases, online businesses get sales via local searches.

When you optimize your business with local SEO, you also secure an additional place on Google which is known as a local pack. This is where you can tell people about your business, and your address, share images of your products or location and even update what is new about your service or product; such as; a new product launch.

What is the SEO process?

By term SEO process we mean building a process to optimize, update or enhance the SEO strategy. These are some of the best ways you can do that.

Update the content:

If you already have written several blogs, then it is time to look back and see if they are performing well in SERP. Maybe the content is a little outdated, so you might need to update the content.  Also, check for other things like missing ALT texts, or broken links, updating content can also improve your content’s SEO.

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Create Monthly content plan:

If you want to make sure that your content marketing journey stays smooth then you need to plan your content, you can get several content calendar templates which will help you define your content plan. Or you could also just use any spreadsheet to create your own template where you will put your content ideas and topics in advance.

In a nutshell:

  • Make a topics list/seed keywords
  • Create a long-tail keyword list
  • Assign keywords to pages
  • Set up your blog
  • Create a consistent blog posting plan
  • Create link building plan
  • Reduce file size before uploading
  • Stay up to date
  • Measure and track your progress

Ranking can be difficult, but it is definitely not impossible. If you have a good and consistent plan to complete each of the tasks listed above, then you can surely rank for a particular keyword or even multiple keywords in your niche. Whatever your strategy is, make sure it supports your online business growth, and only then is it the best strategy.

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