Here is how your potential clients find you: 3 major takeaways

If you are running a successful business then you must be keen about finding new clients. Having potential clients is vital for any business whether it is online or not. This is the very reason why Search Engine Optimization becomes mandatory. SEO is directly proportional to getting potential clients for your business. Let us talk about how to grow your business with SEO, and how SEO helps your business grow.

Gone are the days when people used to find businesses through yellow page directories. Things have changed a lot, due to the advancement in technology. Not only are things going global, but also everything is being shifted to the digital world.

If you have an SEO-optimized website; welcome to the online community, you are part of it, and in any other case, you are still lagging behind. Here are 3 major ways people search for businesses.

Grow your business with keyword optimization

Google has always been a most effective and sought-after marketing tool whenever it came to getting customers. We can never underestimate the power of Google search, as over a period of decade Google has made it very convenient for everyone to search for what they are looking for. 

Google made sure businesses get as much exposure as they can so the right people can connect and get benefits. Google is no doubt very helpful, but then it all comes down to search engine optimization. 

If you are not ranking on the right keywords, and you have not optimized your online presence, then even Google cannot help you. 

There are millions of queries every day on Google, and there is a very good chance that people are also looking for your business, and unless you are using those keywords you are missing out big time. 

Along with Keyword research, you also need to know about the search intent. That is probably the first thing you will need in order to narrow down your keyword list.

Always know your client’s intent, and the right keywords to optimize your business on Google. Because that will pay off in the long run. That is how SEO helps your business grow.

Number#2- Typing is getting replaced by voice

how to grow your business with voice search

According to a report conducted in 2021, there have been so many voice searches. People have been more inclined towards searching via Google Voice, instead of typing the keywords. 

Also, there are 75% chances that rightly optimized keywords for voice search will rank in the top 3 results. This gives voice optimization an edge over keyword optimization. Now, this does not mean you totally forget keyword optimization, but adding voice optimization can definitely help your rankings by a great difference.

This significant amount of difference is because people find it easier to search, imagine you have to search for something while driving? What do you do? Do you type or do you just say the words? 

That is why Google also prefers all the websites that are optimizing themselves for phrases. Also, phrases are user-friendly. People tend to ask questions rather than just typing keywords. 

And the best time to do it is right now, the trend for voice search is increasing. Everything you see today, such as; Alexa, is powered by voice, which is a strong indication of where it is going.

Number#3- Grow your business with an optimized website

grow your business with website

The last but the most important thing is having your optimized website. This might come as a surprise to you that even your physically present business would need a proper website.

Even though you may be thinking you have nothing to sell online, how come I need a website? That is one of the reasons why many businesses fail to excel in the market. 

But you cannot achieve that if you do not have a solid website, since you would need to be present on Google My business, and on another bunch of listing websites. This is very much only possible if you have a professional website.

If you are not familiarized with the term local SEO; then you are missing out on a great opportunity of being exposed to potential clients. Local SEO enables people around the locality to search for you and visit your business.

This is one of the reasons why it is always perfect to have a website, and it is never too late to get yourself a decent website. Your website will grow your business with SEO, and it is very helpful for digital marketing too.

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