How to Increase Website Traffic?

Want to generate a handsome income from your website, but low traffic is not letting you do so? Then leave your worries behind as we will discuss various strategies for getting more organic traffic. 

website traffic goals

In today’s time, every company owns a website. It is an easy source of expressing their brand’s perspective. Moreover, it also makes communication between the customer and the company more accessible, ultimately creating a trustworthy and long-lasting relationship between the two, leading to increased sales. 

Hence, marketers call it a great source of marketing. 

Is Traffic Significant?

 Only those websites help the business which gets high traffic. It acts like food for your website, which helps it in the following ways;

  • It can increase your website’s engagement, allowing you to create more leads. 
  • Right traffic brings a vast number of potential customers.
  • It can also help you in getting a collaboration with big brands.

Steps to Get More Traffic on Your Website

increase your website traffic

Traffic comes from web content, social media handles, and on-page SEO. Here, we will discuss each way in detail to make everything crystal clear for you. So let’s get started;

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Traffic From Content

You can not expect good traffic on your average web content. You have to brainstorm ideas with your team and plan strategies to create new quality content or improve existing ones. You can follow the following procedures for implementing this; 

Add High-Quality Blog Posts

Adding blogs can do wonders for you. You can establish a unique market for your company through blogging. Blogs stay long on your website and serve as a source of information for your potential customers. 

Add Eye-Catchy Videos

There exists nothing more influential than visuals. The images will remain in the memory when words get erased. You can add attention-grabbing videos of your company to your website. Make precise videos explaining the brand perspective. 

Add Relevant Information 

Apart from blogs and videos, add more and more content. You can add stats like flowcharts, tables, images, infographics, and headlines, which create suspense, share the sense of the explicit content, etc.

Traffic From SEO

Marketers emphasize much on SEO, and they do so rightly. On-page and off-page SEO optimization brings about 68% of traffic to your website. SEO brings your website to Google search engines. 

You can use the following strategies to optimize your website’s SEO game 

Use Suitable Keywords

The right keyword of the correct length at the right place is the key to getting high traffic. You can use various tools to find the keywords with high search volume relevant to your topic. 

According to Google, Backlinks are an excellent tool for bringing traffic that counts it in the top 3 ranking factors. Websites having no backlinks get no traffic. So remember to add them to your blogs. 

Use SERP Optimization

Page title, URL, and meta description are the three main features of SERP optimization. Design them carefully. For example, to make the title SERP-friendly, don’t add more than 60 characters. Similarly, for meta descriptions, don’t write more than 165 characters. 

Audit Your Website

Once you optimize your website, don’t ignore it; otherwise, other websites which get audits regularly can take over your spot on search engines. Hot topics come every other day, which changes the audience’s search intent. Therefore, you have to update your website routinely to go with trends. 

Use Other SEO Strategies

SEO strategies are not limited to this. You can go beyond it. Make your website browsing time very short, and use schema markup. The audience hates delayed responses, so be responsive and freshen up your website occasionally.  

Traffic From Social Media

Almost every person in today’s era uses social media either directly or indirectly. You can use all the available social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google ads, and Tik Tok. 

We have summarized a few possible ways to get the customers from there to your website. 

Paid Ad Campaigns

Another way to get traffic is to run paid ad campaigns on social media platforms. In such campaigns, your ad will display in front of a highly targeted audience, many of whom plan to buy something from you. 

Use Hashtags

Hashtags marketing can not bring traffic but bring highly interested potential customers as well. Once the targeted audience clicks on it, your website and other social media content will also appear. 

Therefore, your content quality also plays a critical role here as only that post will get the click with eye-catching content. 

Engage as Much as Possible

Another way to use social media is to remain active on your business handles and respond to people. Answer their queries, comment on something interesting on the hot issue or the trending posts, post some polls and let people vote, do Q&A sessions, and do whatever you want to engage them. 

By doing so, people will get curious to know much about the website and visit it. 

Do Influencers Marketing

Influencer marketing is relatively new, yet it has the potential to bring a good amount of traffic as the audience trusts them. You can send a sample of your product for free, ask the influencer to review it, and instruct them to add your link on the post’s caption, stories, and everywhere.  

Start Discounted Sales Offers

When you run ads or give free samples to influencers, emphasize the benefit the audience will get from purchasing from you. You can tell them about the exclusive discount they will get by clicking on the link, and they can avail of exciting offers from your main website. 

 Traffic From SMART Goals

website traffic with SMART goals

The last one is to remember to set SMART goals for your website. Numerous things can distract you from the main track if you don’t set SMART goals for your website. 

Such purposes give you a precise plan to achieve a specific milestone within a specified time limit, and you also keep an eye on the website’s progress. Hence, you remain enthusiastic in your journey of getting traffic. 

Let’s understand it with an example: you have a SMART goal of getting 15% more traffic after a certain period. To achieve this, you must use: 

  • Use readable and properly structured content
  • Incorporate the right keywords, especially long-tail ones 
  • Add some attention-grabbing visuals

And then, you will come up with elegant yet readable web content that will have the potential to get more clicks, eventually fulfilling the goal of increased visitors. 

Retaining organic traffic to your website seems complicated, but with the right strategies in place, it can be one of the easiest things. So follow our strategies and see your site receive traffic you never expected.

This Is How Done-for-You Services Help You Maximize Your Time And Resources

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