Is IG potentially becoming like Tik Tok? Things to know if you’re an IG user

Is IG becoming tiktok?

If you are a regular IG user then you need to hear this out. We already know that Instagram has several features that encourage our video postings, such as reels, stories, filters, tools, and more.

All this adds up to one big conclusion that IG is also a good video posting platform, but recently people have started comparing it with Tiktok and its features since it adopted many Tik Tok-like features.

Reportedly there have been many small business owners. And especially photographers who complained about this new transformation of Instagram.

People started complaining that this platform is losing its essence and originality. And it should only focus on photos just like how it started.

Even Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner complained about it by resharing a photo on IG which said; “Make Instagram Instagram again. (stop trying to be TikTok. I just want to see cute photos of my friends.) Sincerely, everyone.

This photo has been first posted by the photographer & influencer Tati.

Let us talk about if it’s a good idea to use IG as a substitute for TikTok, or is it better to keep focusing on your IG audience without owning them? Let us talk about it.

Features like Tiktok:

Adam Mosseri is head of Instagram. And in one of his statements he made it clear that they will be changing Instagram for the better. And Instagram will be getting an immersive viewing experience in the form of full-screen videos and photos. You can see that in the Instagram home feed. Let us see why.

Why Features Like Tiktok:

IG VS tiktok

There are so many social media influencers and marketers who have been making use of special TikTok video-oriented features. Not only has it helped them reach millions of people, but also everyone is enjoying short videos, whether it is challenge videos, promotion of something, short explainer, brand awareness, or something else.

This creates solid competition for IG, and this is why Facebook is doing its best to stay in the game, and not be left behind as the best video platform. This led Facebook to launch a Tiktok similar feature known as IG short.

And many people started using Instagram as a substitute for Tik Tok. And more people also started creating content for Instagram.

But just like we mentioned above. On the other hand, there are millions of people who did not like this new Instagram transformation so they started a petition, telling IG to keep it as an original Instagram platform, where they can enjoy seeing and sharing photos.

Make instagram instagram again

Should small business owners keep to Instagram only?

Posting on Instagram is a good strategy just like it is to posting on any social media platform. But posting on Instagram does not mean you own the content as much as you should. You may be getting traffic on IG but you still do not have control over your target audience.

This is why it is important that you convert them, and your main goal should be to convert your followers on your website into potential clients by first targeting them on Instagram.

From that point onwards you should make a strategy and include your website as part of that strategy, to not only own the content you create but also to convert them. Let us talk about why SEO is the ultimate solution for that.

The better solution is SEO

Instagram VS tiktok

Being a digital Marketer I cannot turn down the purpose and benefits of Instagram. It is smart to keep your Instagram alive, but I would definitely emphasize also making use of SEO and making sure they are both going parallel.

Before you start sending the target audience to your website, make sure that your website is well optimized, and has the right keywords. There are multiple strategies to find out about the right keywords.

You should always have backup and emergency plans, that way you will be more adaptive to situations like the market or industry changes. You should focus on both long-term and short-term emergency plans.

When we talk about online business, whether it is E-commerce or service-based, SEO becomes part of your long-term planning. You can start your own blog, show people your expertise, and go the extra mile to spread brand awareness of your business by educating people, and the results will be life-changing.

If you are struggling to find your online presence, you can start with a small website and SEO optimize it to get traffic and brand recognition, we can help you out with that. Contact us today, and let us grow together by devising long-term SEO goals and planning for your business.

Meanwhile, Instagram is also thinking to roll back to its original purpose which is a photo-dominated environment, rather than being a Tik Tok-like platform.

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